Notch8 Restaurant

After looking through all the dine out menus I decided to visit Notch8 with my friend as I thought the menu was more interesting than the other menus that I looked at. Notch8 is located right inside Fairmont Vancouver Hotel’s bottom floor.

Savory Macaron
Caviar, Smoked Salmon, Scallop Mousse, Roe, Crème fraîche, Flowers, Micro Dill

Super duper adorable!! This was the cutest thing ever!
Taste wise though, I personally wasn’t a fan. It was a unique and interesting, sweet and salty combination that I think you either like or dislike. What I did like about this was that every single item on the macaron was a burst of flavourful goodness. My friend and I ended up eating the top part and the macaron part separately since we thought it would taste better that way, and it sure did!

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I really wanted to eat some authentic Japanese food and my friends and I were in Richmond one day so we decided to check gyo-o out as I have been keeping my eyes on this place for a while. Gyo-o is located in the Continental plaza a few blocks away from Aberdeen station and Aberdeen centre The restaurant was very busy and packed on a sunday during lunch time. The interior was very cute, there were wooden blocks on the walls with random Japanese writing on them. I decided to order whatever seemed popular on instagram and blog posts.

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Meat & Bread


Meat & Bread is currently a very popular sandwich shop, I believe this is due to the fact that they were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. After I watched that episode and after I heard people say that is was amazing, I really wanted to visit Meat & Bread. They currently have three locations in Vancouver. Their menu is very simple with only a few options. there is their famous porchetta, a daily special, and two other sandwiches.  The staff members were very polite and professional.

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The Urban Tea Merchant


My friend and I wanted to do something a little bit special on Christmas eve so we decided to go to The Urban Tea Merchant. As a afternoon tea addict I have been wanting to go here for a while however, due to the high price it took a while to finally come here. I made reservations at 1:00 on Christmas eve and I do recommend you to also make reservations if you plan on coming here. We were seated On the first floor near the tea selections. I was pretty confused because I thought it was going to be a restaurant like place. I did learn after that the actual tea salon was on the second floor though. I wish we were seated there instead as there were people constantly coming in and out of the shop to buy tea on Christmas eve but I guess it wasn’t that bothersome. Urban tea merchant is located in downtown, a 10 minute walk from pacific center mall.

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House of Tofu soup


The house of tofu soup is a place I frequent quite often especially during the cold fall months. I have tried quite a few tofu soups around Vancouver but I have to say that house of tofu soup has one of the best tofu soup in this city. One cold windy fall day my friend and I decided to visit this restaurant again for the 100th time. The house of tofu soup is located in Burquitlam, which is know as the “k-town” of Vancouver. It is right across from the Korean grocery store, H-Mart. From the outside the restaurant looks quite small and run down however, The inside of the restaurant is pretty big and nice.

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