720 Sweets



720 sweets opened up around a year or so ago. I never got the chance to visit for a long time since its pretty far away from where I live, and I wasn’t up for traveling far just for ice cream. However my friend and I planed on eating at raisu (review coming soon) so we thought it was the perfect chance to visit 720 sweets for dessert. I’ve seen so many pictures from this place, and it intrigued me alot because of the dry ice that they use to make it smokey and pretty. Though alot of places at night market are using the dry ice effect now so its not as cool as it used to be.

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UYU Ice Cream


These days a lot of soft serve ice cream places have been opening up, how exciting! UYU Ice cream opened up several months ago. I really adore the name of this place, UYU means milk in Korean. they carry two flavours that rotate every 2 weeks plus a milk flavour that is always available. I suggest looking on Instagram for their current available flavours. The flavour that was available when I visited was Vietnamese Coffee and some other flavour I wasn’t particularly interested in. With each soft serve there is a choice of a free drizzle and you can add toppings to it with an additional cost. However the toppings seem like healthy choice toppings as the were mostly dried fruit and nuts. When I eat ice cream I’m not looking for healthy stuff, so I opted out of course.

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Soft Peaks


Soft Peaks just opened a few months ago and I’ve always wanted to visit soft peaks to see what the hype was about. It became popular because it is a bit more healthier than normal ice cream. They use organic Avalon milk instead of cream so it is lower in calories and fat. They are also all natural, gluten free, and there are no preservatives or artificial flavouring. I believe they are also popular because this place is pretty much a copy cat of the popular Softree ice cream place in Korea. I’ve seen both positive and negative comments about soft peaks so I was very curious to test their ice cream out myself.

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Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery

Oh my gosh I LOVE this place. After seeing people rave about it, and after seeing lots of photos of Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery my friend and I decided to come here. The trek to glenburn was not fun, It consisted of both sky-training, busing and walking so this is not a place I would go to very often. Is it located on hastings street in the heights shopping district. Glenburn is not very hard to find, you need to do some walking but the decor of Glenburn is very distinct and different so it is not too hard to find. Walking in, I noticed that the decor is of an old school soda parlor, something I’ve never been to before as I am not of that generation so I found it very unique and interesting. I also noticed that the seating is very limited, perhaps 5 seats at the bar and 3 small tables accompanying no more than 3 people at each table.

Toonerville Treat

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