Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Pacific Rim


My friend and I decided to do afternoon tea as a celebration. We decided to give the afternoon tea at the fairmont pacific rim a visit, as the Asian inspired items intrigued us.

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Xi Shi Lounge At Shangri La

Xi shi lounge

It was my 19th Birthday and of course, I had to have afternoon tea! I saved Shangri-la afternoon tea for my birthday as it was a more pricier afternoon tea place, and I assumed that it would be more fancier than other places. We made reservations for 12:30 on a Sunday but the place was extremely empty. There was only one other table of two and one server. The server was wearing a really cute dress and was really kind, however since she was pretty much the only server at the time it was hard to get good service, it was pretty slow.

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Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House


Joe Fortes is somewhere I have been longing to go to for a long long time. I believe this is one of the more popular places for oysters, and raw oysters is my favorite food ever so I couldn’t wait to try this place! For happy hour only though since non happy hour is too pricey for me currently. Happy hour is from 4-6pm everyday at the bar area, and I believe the patio area too in the summer. They have buck a shuck (oysters for $1 each) and items such as onions rings, calamari, and many others.

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The Urban Tea Merchant


My friend and I wanted to do something a little bit special on Christmas eve so we decided to go to The Urban Tea Merchant. As a afternoon tea addict I have been wanting to go here for a while however, due to the high price it took a while to finally come here. I made reservations at 1:00 on Christmas eve and I do recommend you to also make reservations if you plan on coming here. We were seated On the first floor near the tea selections. I was pretty confused because I thought it was going to be a restaurant like place. I did learn after that the actual tea salon was on the second floor though. I wish we were seated there instead as there were people constantly coming in and out of the shop to buy tea on Christmas eve but I guess it wasn’t that bothersome. Urban tea merchant is located in downtown, a 10 minute walk from pacific center mall.

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Minami Restaurant

I came here with one of my other friends as I enjoyed Miku and I was curious as how the sister restaurant fared compared to the original. Minami is located really close to the yaletown skytrain station so finding this restaurant was not hard at all. Making reservations at 6:00 on a Thursday was really unnecessary as it was empty. Walking in, we were greeted by a very nice young lady and was taken to our table. Our server came over and asked us if she could start us out with a drink and then left….for a really long time. She probably didn’t return for a good 15 minutes? It was really confusing as there were hardly any people in the restaurant at the time. Trying to flag her down was like trying to flag down a server at a dim sum restaurant. This is no dim sum restaurant though, I thought this was kind of a fine dining restaurant um?.. When the server came she was extremely kind though so I guess that was alright.

Oshi Sushi


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Miku Restaurant


I dragged my friend here with me due to the hype on urbanspoon and other food blogs. Miku is located near Canada Place and the harbor. It is also very close to waterfront station, however somehow my friend and I got a little bit lost somehow. I guess we are just really bad with directions because its only a few feet away from the skytrain when you get out. Upon arrival we were greeted by a professional looking hostess. We were very intrigued by the beautiful decor, with most of the restaurant walls being glass windows for a beautiful view of the outside. I made reservations a few days in advance just in case, as it was a Saturday and it was noted that it can get quite busy at times. However, I realized when we were being seated that it wasn’t actually that busy…perhaps it was because it was only 12:30.

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