720 Sweets



720 sweets opened up around a year or so ago. I never got the chance to visit for a long time since its pretty far away from where I live, and I wasn’t up for traveling far just for ice cream. However my friend and I planed on eating at raisu (review coming soon) so we thought it was the perfect chance to visit 720 sweets for dessert. I’ve seen so many pictures from this place, and it intrigued me alot because of the dry ice that they use to make it smokey and pretty. Though alot of places at night market are using the dry ice effect now so its not as cool as it used to be.

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Miracle Belgian Waffle


I heard that there was a waffle place similar to Nero Belgium Waffle Bar in Coquitlam so I went and checked it out. There are not many waffle places in Coquitlam so I was pretty excited. You get the choice of sweet or savory waffles, and you can also decide if you prefer liege waffles or brussel waffles. Liege is ‘sweet and soft’ while Brussels is ‘light and crispy’. They also carry coffee and interesting sounding frappes such as cotton candy and cinnamon toast crunch. I really wanted to try a frappe but I was already getting a sweet waffle so it would have been too much sugar at once.

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UYU Ice Cream


These days a lot of soft serve ice cream places have been opening up, how exciting! UYU Ice cream opened up several months ago. I really adore the name of this place, UYU means milk in Korean. they carry two flavours that rotate every 2 weeks plus a milk flavour that is always available. I suggest looking on Instagram for their current available flavours. The flavour that was available when I visited was Vietnamese Coffee and some other flavour I wasn’t particularly interested in. With each soft serve there is a choice of a free drizzle and you can add toppings to it with an additional cost. However the toppings seem like healthy choice toppings as the were mostly dried fruit and nuts. When I eat ice cream I’m not looking for healthy stuff, so I opted out of course.

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Leisure Tea & Coffee


My friends and I were walking around Lansdowne Centre and we were searching for a place with desserts. We came across Leisure Tea & Coffee, which is a cafe that I have heard of before. We were reluctant to go inside as the outside of the cafe was really sketchy looking, however the inside of the cafe was kind of vintage styled decorated with old picture frames and items. This cafe serves coffee, tea, bubble tea, and dessert items such as shaved ice, crepes, and waffles.

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Soft Peaks


Soft Peaks just opened a few months ago and I’ve always wanted to visit soft peaks to see what the hype was about. It became popular because it is a bit more healthier than normal ice cream. They use organic Avalon milk instead of cream so it is lower in calories and fat. They are also all natural, gluten free, and there are no preservatives or artificial flavouring. I believe they are also popular because this place is pretty much a copy cat of the popular Softree ice cream place in Korea. I’ve seen both positive and negative comments about soft peaks so I was very curious to test their ice cream out myself.

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BBT Shop


My friend and I have been longing to visit the BBT Shop for a while after viewing photos of their beautiful fancy looking bubble waffles so we finally went! it is a few blocks down from Aberdeen centre and is underneath the superstore which was a odd location. When we got there, there were so many options and so many things we wanted to try but we decided to just share one drink and two bubble waffles.

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Neverland Tea Salon


 Being an afternoon tea addict I had to try this place! The thing that lured me in the most was the name, Neverland. What a charming name! It gave me memories of my childhood while watching peterpan. Anyways, I dragged my friend here all the way from Burnaby by public transportation and that was not very fun.. It took I would say 50 minutes to get to Neverland and I really hoped that it was worth the trek. We got off the bus stop and walked up the road to find the place, and it was not very hard to find. ‘Neverland tea salon’ was written in big enchanting gold letters outside the shop, I thought it was extremely beautiful! As we walked in on a Friday afternoon we realized that it was fully packed and were relieved that we made reservations. The interior decor and furnishings were very simple yet still elegant. I really loved the pink chairs that they had, I wish the whole store was filled with that pink chair instead of just a few ): Also A few of the workers seem to be a bit tired and grumpy, which kind of ruined the mood… but the others were nice and professional which was nice.

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