Guu Richmond


I was searching for a restaurant to eat at for lunch in Richmond so of course I pulled out my handy dandy zomato app. I saw Guu richmond listed on the app so I decided to check this location out since I’ve been to a few of their other locations. Guu Richmond was in a corner on the 2nd floor of Aberdeen. It was really tucked away and hidden, We wondered how they got customers. I was really interested in the ‘Special Lunch Set’  which came with 3 kinds of seafood don and a mini udon for the price of $9.80. It also came with a mini macaroni salad which I found extremely tasteless, but I thought it was a cute addition and didn’t care much since the lunch set was a really cheap price anyways.

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I really wanted to eat some authentic Japanese food and my friends and I were in Richmond one day so we decided to check gyo-o out as I have been keeping my eyes on this place for a while. Gyo-o is located in the Continental plaza a few blocks away from Aberdeen station and Aberdeen centre The restaurant was very busy and packed on a sunday during lunch time. The interior was very cute, there were wooden blocks on the walls with random Japanese writing on them. I decided to order whatever seemed popular on instagram and blog posts.

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Leisure Tea & Coffee


My friends and I were walking around Lansdowne Centre and we were searching for a place with desserts. We came across Leisure Tea & Coffee, which is a cafe that I have heard of before. We were reluctant to go inside as the outside of the cafe was really sketchy looking, however the inside of the cafe was kind of vintage styled decorated with old picture frames and items. This cafe serves coffee, tea, bubble tea, and dessert items such as shaved ice, crepes, and waffles.

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BBT Shop


My friend and I have been longing to visit the BBT Shop for a while after viewing photos of their beautiful fancy looking bubble waffles so we finally went! it is a few blocks down from Aberdeen centre and is underneath the superstore which was a odd location. When we got there, there were so many options and so many things we wanted to try but we decided to just share one drink and two bubble waffles.

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Yuu Japanese Tapas


My friends and I were really hungry one day so we randomly came across this restaurant and decided to try this place because it seemed like it was the cheapest option and my friend was being really cheap. Another reason why we chose this place was becuase it had the shortest line up at the time and we were getting extremely hungry.

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Sugarholic Cafe


 My friend and I were at aberdeen centre and decided to try out the new cafe. It was the exterior and interior of this gorgeous cafe that really lured us in. The  baby blue walls, white drapings, and chandeliers were extremely beautiful, its what i would want my room to look like. The only thing I didn’t really like were the maroon coloured booth seats, I felt like it kind of ruined the beautiful interior as it didn’t match the colour scheme and stood out too much. This cafe is near daiso, in this exact location previously there were different cafes, and i believe even a pasta place that opened up but all were short lived, and didn’t last long. Though i do believe sugarholic’s  cafe lifespan would be longer then those cafes as I always see a good amount of people in there. My friend and I arrived at the cafe at around 1:40? and were shocked to see the cafe completely full, there was a small line up in front of up too. I believe it took about 20 minutes for us to finally be seated.

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Globe@YVR Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Vancouver Airport


My sister saw a coupon from groupon and decided to treat me to high tea one day. Both my sister and I have a afternoon tea obsession but unfortunately afternoon tea is only offered from 2:00-4:00 here. I believe it was $42 for two plus tax and tips, which is a really good deal. The drive was extremely far and finding parking was really confusing. Due to this, we were about 30 minutes late for our reservation.

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