Phnom Penh


There were so many positive reviews on this place, and it seemed to be very popular so I decided to take my friend here to eat one day. I’ve heard that people had to wait 30-60 minutes for a table so I decided to come at the random time at 4:00 on a Friday which seemed to be a good choice as the wait was perhaps only 5 minutes.

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Crackle Creme

I decided to come here with one of my friends after seeing some reviews. I love creme brulee so I decided to give it a try.

Flight of 3

There were so many unique and interesting flavours that we wanted to try so we thought getting the flight of three was a good idea. This was 7.50 for three creme brulees, which were smaller then the regular sized one that they sell. We settled on the ferror rocher, organic earl grey, and the honey lavender as they were interesting flavours. I thought the presentation of this was extremely cute! I loved the cute wooden spoons and the cute dim sum box!

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