Basho Cafe



I have been longing to visit this lovely Japanese cafe for the longest time, however it was hard to find time to go. This is due to the cafe hours, they are only opened Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 3:00 which are not convenient hours for me as I work and reside pretty far away from the cafe. I did however finally find the time to go with my friend last week though and we were pretty excited. Basho cafe is known for their matcha drinks and sweets.

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Pink Sugar Cafe


I have longed to go to Pink sugar cafe for a while, and finally got a chance to venture into this little cafe. This cafe is known for their daily lunch set, which is Japanese styled. It is located in a small plaza across the street from Henderson place. I usually take pictures of the individual dishes but I guess I was too excited to do that this time.

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Leisure Tea & Coffee


My friends and I were walking around Lansdowne Centre and we were searching for a place with desserts. We came across Leisure Tea & Coffee, which is a cafe that I have heard of before. We were reluctant to go inside as the outside of the cafe was really sketchy looking, however the inside of the cafe was kind of vintage styled decorated with old picture frames and items. This cafe serves coffee, tea, bubble tea, and dessert items such as shaved ice, crepes, and waffles.

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Midam Cafe

Midam Cafe is located in what is known as the Korea town. I’ve seen posts of their shaved ice and desserts on Instagram so I really wanted to try this place out. The location was hidden at the bottom corner of the plaza.The interior of this restaurant was really interesting. Most of it was very traditional Korean styled however it was decorated with basketball items, and there was even a basketball net. This is a place I frequent quite often now so this post will be of the collection of items I have tried here over the span of a few months.

White Ricecake Coated with Bean flour and Apple Sauce

This is one of the first items I got here on my first visits. This is one of the reasons why I keep on coming back, I really love this. The grilled rice cake is slightly crunchy on the outside, and soft and chewy in the middle. Apple sauce sounds like it would be odd with rice cake however, it surprisingly went very well together. It was slightly sweet and warm. The roasted soybean flour complimented the dish.

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Secret Garden Tea Company


I haven’t been to afternoon tea for a while so, one day I decided to take my friend here. I’ve always wanted to come to Secret Garden since I heard that its one of the more popular afternoon tea places in Vancouver. While making reservations, they asked if anyone was a vegetarian and if we had any dietary restrictions which I appreciated since no other tea place that I been to ever asked that before. Kerrisdale is pretty far from when I live so I really hoped that the trek there would be worth it. We got there a bit early but we were seated right away, and the servers were professional. There is no menu since we made reservations for the full afternoon tea so we were only given the menu for tea, but you can find the seasonal menu on their website. While we were deciding on which tea to get, we also got a sample of their creamy earl grey which was delicious!

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Sugarholic Cafe


 My friend and I were at aberdeen centre and decided to try out the new cafe. It was the exterior and interior of this gorgeous cafe that really lured us in. The  baby blue walls, white drapings, and chandeliers were extremely beautiful, its what i would want my room to look like. The only thing I didn’t really like were the maroon coloured booth seats, I felt like it kind of ruined the beautiful interior as it didn’t match the colour scheme and stood out too much. This cafe is near daiso, in this exact location previously there were different cafes, and i believe even a pasta place that opened up but all were short lived, and didn’t last long. Though i do believe sugarholic’s  cafe lifespan would be longer then those cafes as I always see a good amount of people in there. My friend and I arrived at the cafe at around 1:40? and were shocked to see the cafe completely full, there was a small line up in front of up too. I believe it took about 20 minutes for us to finally be seated.

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Chez Meme Baguette Bistro


I went to Chez Meme Baguette Bistro with my Mother after being here once a few months ago with my friend. I remember really liking one of the baguettes and thought my Mother would really enjoy it too. It took months to come back here again due to the very inconvenient hours.  I also knew that I had to come extremely early as going later would mean there would be a line up. It took a while to be able to come here again but it is so worth it!

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