Dasarang Chicken

One day, I was craving for some korean fried chicken so my friends so I decided to try this place out. Dasarang Chicken is located a few blocks away from Lougheed mall in whats known as the “korea town”in metro Vancouver. This place seemed to be quite popular among young adults.


These are the side dishes we got at the start. The white looking dish is pickled radish. I’m usually not a big fan of this however it goes really well with fried foods because it helps cleanse the oily taste from the fried chicken. The other dish is a salad with shredded lettuce and I believe thousand island sauce. I liked these side dishes and it went very well with all the fried food too.

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Midam Cafe

Midam Cafe is located in what is known as the Korea town. I’ve seen posts of their shaved ice and desserts on Instagram so I really wanted to try this place out. The location was hidden at the bottom corner of the plaza.The interior of this restaurant was really interesting. Most of it was very traditional Korean styled however it was decorated with basketball items, and there was even a basketball net. This is a place I frequent quite often now so this post will be of the collection of items I have tried here over the span of a few months.

White Ricecake Coated with Bean flour and Apple Sauce

This is one of the first items I got here on my first visits. This is one of the reasons why I keep on coming back, I really love this. The grilled rice cake is slightly crunchy on the outside, and soft and chewy in the middle. Apple sauce sounds like it would be odd with rice cake however, it surprisingly went very well together. It was slightly sweet and warm. The roasted soybean flour complimented the dish.

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Audrey’s Moment High Tea

One day, I decided to take my friend here after seeing a 10% off coupon on umagazine and also seeing some pictures from instagram. Audrey’s Moment High Tea is the first high tea place in burnaby and is quite close to metrotown mall which makes it very convenient.We went on a Thursday afternoon and were the only people there at the time, and we were greeted by a kind and quiet waitress.  We decided to both get the luxury high tea set which included a pot of tea worth $6.75 and a selection of savories and sweets on a three tier stand. They also had a smaller set which is called the signature set however it doesn’t include tea and I do not really think the smaller set is worth it. If you decide to get a high tea set, I recommend only getting the luxury tea set.


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House of Tofu soup


The house of tofu soup is a place I frequent quite often especially during the cold fall months. I have tried quite a few tofu soups around Vancouver but I have to say that house of tofu soup has one of the best tofu soup in this city. One cold windy fall day my friend and I decided to visit this restaurant again for the 100th time. The house of tofu soup is located in Burquitlam, which is know as the “k-town” of Vancouver. It is right across from the Korean grocery store, H-Mart. From the outside the restaurant looks quite small and run down however, The inside of the restaurant is pretty big and nice.

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Chez Meme Baguette Bistro


I went to Chez Meme Baguette Bistro with my Mother after being here once a few months ago with my friend. I remember really liking one of the baguettes and thought my Mother would really enjoy it too. It took months to come back here again due to the very inconvenient hours.  I also knew that I had to come extremely early as going later would mean there would be a line up. It took a while to be able to come here again but it is so worth it!

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