Notch8 Restaurant

After looking through all the dine out menus I decided to visit Notch8 with my friend as I thought the menu was more interesting than the other menus that I looked at. Notch8 is located right inside Fairmont Vancouver Hotel’s bottom floor.

Savory Macaron
Caviar, Smoked Salmon, Scallop Mousse, Roe, Crème fraîche, Flowers, Micro Dill

Super duper adorable!! This was the cutest thing ever!
Taste wise though, I personally wasn’t a fan. It was a unique and interesting, sweet and salty combination that I think you either like or dislike. What I did like about this was that every single item on the macaron was a burst of flavourful goodness. My friend and I ended up eating the top part and the macaron part separately since we thought it would taste better that way, and it sure did!

Braised Wagyu Shortrib
Truffle, Marrow-Pumpkin Puree, Chanterelles, Red Winter Wheat Berries, Huckleberry-Black Garlic-Aged Balsamic, Cipollini

Umm… First thing I want to say is that there was NO truffle on this, which was disappointing. I saw the other pictures on instagram and alot of them had a slice of truffle on them, but ours and the more recent pictures didn’t for some reason 😦
If you put that issue aside, everything else about this is good. The meat was super soft and tender, it was coated in a slightly sweet and salty sauce. Even with the sauce on the meat though, I still found the meat to be a tiny tad more bland than I would like, but its not a big problem. The marrow pumpkin puree complimented the beef quite well. The vegetables such as the smalls pieces of onions and mushrooms were flavourful. They were a nice addition to the shortrib which was lacking a bit of flavour. I enjoyed the red winter wheat berries more than I thought I would.

Brie Walnut Ice Cream 20170205_191347Black Currant Gelee, Nut Wafer, Fingerlime

I enjoyed this however, it was nothing special. I didn’t taste the brie at all, it tasted more like a vanilla walnut ice cream instead. The nut wafer was a wonderful addition as it added lots of crunch to the ice cream. The fruit gelee added a necessary slight tart flavour to the ice cream, I would have liked a bit more of the fruit gelee instead of five tiny dots. Still overall the ice cream was good…though ice cream is always good and you can’t really mess it up haha.

dine out menu rating: 7/10
It was honestly a bit disappointing, maybe my expectations were too high but I expected better. Well at least the decor and ambiance is quite nice. We were lucky and were seated in a booth with curtains that we could close if we wanted too, it was super cute. It was a nice experience but I don’t think I’ll be back for the regular menu. They have an afternoon tea menu that seems quite interesting though.

Notch8 Restaurant & Bar - The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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