Basho Cafe



I have been longing to visit this lovely Japanese cafe for the longest time, however it was hard to find time to go. This is due to the cafe hours, they are only opened Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 3:00 which are not convenient hours for me as I work and reside pretty far away from the cafe. I did however finally find the time to go with my friend last week though and we were pretty excited. Basho cafe is known for their matcha drinks and sweets.

Tuna Tataki Rice

I think this was a bit pricy for the portion however I this it was delicious. The tuna was topped with a bit of grated ginger and finely cut seaweed. There was also julienned carrots and radishes. At one small area of the bowl was a few green beans and broccoli topped with ground sesame seeds. The tuna was nice and smooth and the ginger added a nice flavor to it. The vegetables added a nice crunchy texture to the dish. The green beans were really sweet and delightful. I loved the ground sesame seed, it added a nice aroma to the dish.


There was a nice selection of little adorable sweets in the display case and it was very difficult to choose which sweets we would like to taste as we couldn’t try all of them. I ended up just pointing at random sweets because we couldn’t decide on what we wanted. I enjoyed all the sweets we got, I didn’t dislike anything. These sweets are great for people who can’t handle sweet sweets, as they didn’t have alot of sweetness to them.

mochi mochi matcha – I believe this is their most popular sweet.  The matcha flavor wasn’t too subtle which I  like, and it wasn’t sweet at all. The texture of this is interesting, the outside layer is like a cupcake while the inside is like a slightly dense mochi. This texture is the same for most of the other mochi mochi sweets.
mochi mochi milk – This had azuki beans at the very bottom, which gave it a slightly different texture than the other mochi mochi sweets.  
mochi mochi cream cheese –
 This was good however I couldn’t detect any cream cheese flavor, we really had to try to find to cream cheese taste like it was a treasure hunt. We did finally notice a slight tart aftertaste though so I’m guessing this was the cream cheese. 
mochi mochi brownie –
 This tasted like a cross in between a mochi and a brownie, but a lot less sweeter. 
nuts mochi – This mochi was covered in a soy bean flour called kinako, and was filled with almonds and walnuts inside. It was slightly sweet but not too sweet and the texture reminded me more of the rice cakes you get at chinese bakeries. 
matcha white chocolate brownie –
This was good. The texture was nice and soft, and the matcha flavor was noticeable as well. It was a bit greasy though. 
dark chocolate miso brownie
  – I honestly wasn’t going to go for this but my friend wanted it so we just got it to try it out. We could totally smell the miso from the brownie, and it frightened us a bit. The first bite was a bit odd because of the miso taste, however after  you try another bite it taste fine. The brownie had a strong chocolate flavour and a subtle miso flavor. It was both slightly sweet and salty.  The texture is similar to those one bite brownies I used to purchase as a child.
Madeleines – These were complementary and were unexpectedly delicious. We detected little ginger candy bits as well as some cinnamon.

Matcha Cafe Latte

I found this to be quite unique as it was a combination of both coffee and matcha. I couldn’t taste much matcha but I still thought it was quite delightful! It was sweetened with condensed milk so it reminded me a bit of vietnamese coffee.

Matcha Latte

You have the option to get it sweetened or unsweetened, and I opted for unsweetened. I was looking forward to this but I was honestly disappointed. Maybe my expectations were too high since I’ve been wanting to come here for a while and I heard that their matcha lattes are the best but I didn’t love it. I think it was too milky and was lacking matcha flavour.


Overall I would recommend this cafe for their delicious and cute lunch sets and sweets. The workers are all very kind as well.

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