Raisu opened up a few months ago, it is the sister restaurant of suika, kingyo and rajio, all well known and popular Japanese izakayas in Vancouver. After seeing pictures of the very photogenic foods on instagram we decided to give this place a try. We called a few days ahead to try to make a reservation but were told that they couldn’t take reservations anymore because they were full. However they told us that we could walk in for the big walk in table which is half the restaurant. We thought that was quite odd but we decided to go ahead and walk in.  We were seated at the center of the restaurant at a big square communal table, but next to us was two seats reserved? that confused us because the person I talked to when I called said there couldn’t be reservations for this area……but okay whatever.

Deluxe Seafood Bowl

This is basically a king sized chirashi bowl. It consisted of a variety of seafood,  such as salmon, scallops,  shrimp, ikura, etc. The seafood was fresh and delicious but this bowl was very hard and messy to eat! everything would fall when I tried to pick a piece of fish up, and all the fish covered the rice so it was hard to try to eat the rice and fish together. It also came with a bowl of daily miso soup and obviously soy sauce. On this particular day, the miso soup contained enoki mushrooms and fried tofu. I think the miso soup was quite delightful.

The Ocean’s Offerings

The ocean’s offering is a box with 12 different kinds of pressed sushi. They only make ten of these for lunch, and ten for dinner so you should come super early if you want to try this. I’ve also heard that you can pre order it when you make reservations. Like the seafood bowl above, this also came with the same miso soup.


Honestly I couldn’t tell what some of them were but some were delicious, and some were average. Our favorites were the shrimp and the seared tuna sushi, they reminded us of the sushi we had back on our trip to japan last year! The amaebi, red tuna, unagi, and salmon were good. The rest which consist of hamachi,  saba, and a few others that we didn’t recognize were alright / decent. Our least favorite piece was the tamago. These are a bit hard to pick up and eat though due to the shape of them, but that’s okay since they are super cute right?

Raisu Splash Lemon Sour

This was tasty and super refreshing. It consist of crushed lemon bits, lemon syrup, gin, soda and tonic. It was tart and the lemon flavor was strong.  I couldn’t detect any alcohol in it at all, but I think it went well with the food since it was so refreshing.

9 /10

I think raisu was a nice experience and I do recommend this place! It is a bit pricy though, but the food is fresh and delicious.  The limited amount of some sets is a bit annoying though, so do try to pre order it!

Raisu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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