Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Pacific Rim


My friend and I decided to do afternoon tea as a celebration. We decided to give the afternoon tea at the fairmont pacific rim a visit, as the Asian inspired items intrigued us.


The tea menu came with a box of tea leaves which you could sniff, which makes the process of choosing tea a lot more simpler. My friend and I always choose one tea each and share both of them. At first we choose the mad hatter’s tea and the mountain berry tea however, they were out of the man hatter’s tea unfortunately. There were not as many choices as we would have liked so we ended up choosing the vanilla rooibos.


The tea came accompanied by a small Madeline and a rock sugar stick which was meant to be used to stir your tea with if you would like some added sweetness. The stick was unique and cute however it was not very useful as it took a while to melt the sugar, and as the tea cooled down the rock sugar stick obviously didn’t work anymore. The mountain berry tea was a gorgeous red colour, it was fruity and tart. The vanilla rooibos was just basic but still alright.

Tier 1 – Savory

This tier was very unique, it is Japanese inspired.

Tuna Tataki

My favorite out of the bunch! The tuna was lightly seared and was soft and delicious.

Crab and Cucumber

I found this to be quite interesting. The cucumber was refreshing, the tobiko of course gave the sushi a nice popping texture, and the crab mayo mix was nice and creamy.

Miso Tofu

This would be my least favorite savory item. The tofu was cold and tasted like nothing. The texture was firm as well. I think a bit more miso sauce would have been nice.

Tier 3: Sandwiches

Tandoor Roasted Chicken

I didn’t love the type of bread used, but it was okay.  The chicken was good and the tomato on top gave the dish a nice refreshing burst of flavor.

Truffled Egg Salad

This was a really fancy egg salad sandwich, I really enjoyed this and thought it was unique compared to the egg salad sandwiches they I have had at other afternoon tea places.

Chilled Tiger Prawn & Avocado

The prawn was quite big and delicious.

Tier 2: Sweets

Fruit Tart

Strawberries were fresh tasting, and the tart was buttery. I thought it was pretty good.


The texture of this macaron was perfect. The outside was crunchy, while the inside was soft and slightly chewy.  The flavor however was a bit odd to myself. I wasn’t sure what flavour it was but it didn’t taste like any type of fruit and the server didn’t tell me what flavour it was so I guess that would always be a mystery.


The outside was crunchy while the inside was soft, I enjoyed this alot.

Chocolate Ganache

This was delicious, The chocolate was dark chocolate so it wasn’t too overly sweet. The white pearls was slightly crunchy and gave a nice texture to the chocolate.

Matcha Cake

As a matcha lover, the was of course my favorite!  I find that alot of the time, matcha cakes don’t have enough matcha flavour enough, but this was not the case this time. The matcha flavour was apparent and the cake was smooth and delicious. I don’t think I really tasted any lychee though.


The cream was a big disappointment, by the looks of it, I was expecting a smooth and creamy cream however the texture of it was crumbly?? I never had cream that was crumbly before so it was quite odd, It was hard to spread. The scones itself were pretty average, I enjoyed the addition of the fruits though.

Overall Rating: 8/10?
I’m actually not really sure what to rate this, as most of the food was wonderful but the service seemed to be quite cold. Afternoon tea takes place in the lobby which is a gorgeous place, It is offered betwee 2:00-4:00pm and there is sometimes live piano as well I believe. perhaps check it out if you would like afternoon tea that is a bit unique.

RawBar at The Lobby Lounge - Fairmont Pacific Rim Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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