720 Sweets



720 sweets opened up around a year or so ago. I never got the chance to visit for a long time since its pretty far away from where I live, and I wasn’t up for traveling far just for ice cream. However my friend and I planed on eating at raisu (review coming soon) so we thought it was the perfect chance to visit 720 sweets for dessert. I’ve seen so many pictures from this place, and it intrigued me alot because of the dry ice that they use to make it smokey and pretty. Though alot of places at night market are using the dry ice effect now so its not as cool as it used to be.

Milk’ee Way

Milk tea flavoured ice cream with pearls, caramel sauce, crumbled almonds,  and a chocolate wafer.
I thought the dry ice would keep the ice cream colder but when I touched the bottom of the cup where the dry ice was, it was unsuspectingly really hot so as you can see from the picture, the ice cream melted fast. The ice cream was pretty good though, the milk tea flavour was perfect, it was not too strong but not too weak. The ice cream itself wasn’t too sweet, however the toppings makes the ice cream a lot sweeter. I loved the addition of the pearls, but the addition of the chocolate wafer wasn’t needed

The Classic

This was cereal milk flavoured ice cream topped with crushed graham crackers and a butter cookie.
The butter cookie made the ice cream look really nice, but I think it was an unnecessary addition. I’m not sure how much it actually tasted like cereal milk but I really loved the flavour of the ice cream. This one was a bit sweeter than the milk tea ice cream but wasn’t extremely sweet. The ice cream was smooth and the crushed graham cracker give it a nice slightly crunchy texture. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Taste wise I really enjoyed it, the ice cream is probably one of my favorites. However I didn’t enjoy how the ice cream was completely hollow inside and that 2/3 of the cup was the dry ice, I felt a bit ripped off. The dry ice is cool the first time, but after that it just becomes whatever. Even though I gave it a lot of criticism, I still really liked the ice cream hence the high rating. I still love soft peaks the best but 720 sweets isn’t too far behind. 720 sweets also has drinks and ice cream sandwiches (though for some reason you have to buy 4…). I also heard that they plan on opening a few more locations across the lower mainland and I’m pretty excited about that!

720 Sweets Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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