Miracle Belgian Waffle


I heard that there was a waffle place similar to Nero Belgium Waffle Bar in Coquitlam so I went and checked it out. There are not many waffle places in Coquitlam so I was pretty excited. You get the choice of sweet or savory waffles, and you can also decide if you prefer liege waffles or brussel waffles. Liege is ‘sweet and soft’ while Brussels is ‘light and crispy’. They also carry coffee and interesting sounding frappes such as cotton candy and cinnamon toast crunch. I really wanted to try a frappe but I was already getting a sweet waffle so it would have been too much sugar at once.


Vanilla ice cream, Oreo, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.
This combination worked well together, or well I don’t see how you would mess it up. I decided to get the Brussels waffle, which were crispy but tasteless. There was no flavour to it at all, none of that waffle flavour you would except. Due to the delicious toppings however, it was still pretty good and even though the waffle didn’t taste like much, it still added a crunchy and crispy texture. Its perfect for me however I think it might be too sweet for some people.


My sister decided that she wanted to create her own. the ‘miracle’ is your own creation, you pick five ingredients that is listed on the menu, and I believe its the more pricier waffle out of the options. This creation consists of strawberries, whipped cream, green tea ice cream, raspberries, and white chocolate drizzle. Again like the other waffle, this waffle had no taste to it either (obviously since it was the same type of waffle) but again, it was crispy and the toppings went well together.Though if it didn’t go well together it would have been our own fault since its our own creation haha.  I think having the option to create your own is a neat idea.

I wasn’t fond of the service here, the table that arrived after us got their waffles before us even though one person ordered the same waffle that I did, which really doesn’t make sense. Theirs came out fast however it took a while for ours to come. The waffle itself isn’t the best but the toppings make up for it, so it was still pretty tasty. I would come back again if I were craving waffles since there isn’t many waffle options around this area.

Miracle Belgian Waffle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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