Pink Sugar Cafe


I have longed to go to Pink sugar cafe for a while, and finally got a chance to venture into this little cafe. This cafe is known for their daily lunch set, which is Japanese styled. It is located in a small plaza across the street from Henderson place. I usually take pictures of the individual dishes but I guess I was too excited to do that this time.

Front Left-  Bowl of rice. I have no clue why I didn’t take the lid off before I took a picture but oh well. It was a bowl of delicious steaming plain white rice.
Front right- Big bowl of miso soup. It was loaded with lots of winter melon slices, good but nothing special.

2nd row right – Japanese cold noodles, I believe it was somen noodles. It was topped with bonito and a few veggies. I really enjoyed this dish, the noodles were nicely cooked, and the bonito flakes gave the noodles a great flavour. I thought this dish was very refreshing.
2nd row left – very hot cup of chawanmushi, which is a Japanese egg custard. The texture was great, it was silky smooth. However I found it to be a bit too salty, which is unfortunate.

Back – Dish with multiple types of foods. It contained ginger pork, a few pasta pieces, and a basic salad with a delicious salad dressing sauce. This is probably my favorite out of the bunch. I loved the ginger pork, it was soft and flavorful. The pasta was a bit random but still tasty and interesting. I unexpectedly liked the addition of the salad as well.
Center – Cute little dessert. I believe it was a panna cotta topped with a bit of whipped cream and a slice of a strawberry. I thought this was scrumptious, it was smooth and not too sweet.


The set also comes with your choice of coffee or tea (regular bagged tea) or you also have the option to upgrade to their other drinks on their menu. I picked the mango passion fruit tea, which was perfect for me, it was nice and fruity. Though it would have been nice if it wasn’t a cheap bagged store brought tea, since it is a cafe.

I really adore this little cafe! its a hidden gem, though I do think its pricey.  They also carry other foods such as sandwiches, sweet toasts, paninis, and cakes. I am for sure coming back very soon. I loved their lunch set but I really want to try their spicy panini with chips as well. I really recommend you guy to check this cafe out if you are in the area, its a nice place to go by yourself or with a friend!

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