UYU Ice Cream


These days a lot of soft serve ice cream places have been opening up, how exciting! UYU Ice cream opened up several months ago. I really adore the name of this place, UYU means milk in Korean. they carry two flavours that rotate every 2 weeks plus a milk flavour that is always available. I suggest looking on Instagram for their current available flavours. The flavour that was available when I visited was Vietnamese Coffee and some other flavour I wasn’t particularly interested in. With each soft serve there is a choice of a free drizzle and you can add toppings to it with an additional cost. However the toppings seem like healthy choice toppings as the were mostly dried fruit and nuts. When I eat ice cream I’m not looking for healthy stuff, so I opted out of course.

Vietnamese Coffee Screenshot_2016-02-22-21-08-02-1

I added a condensed milk drizzle on top. I found the soft serve to be pretty good. The Vietnamese coffee flavour was apparent but a bit subtle, I personally would like the flavour to be a bit more strong but I guess most people wouldn’t like that. The condensed milk complimented the Vietnamese coffee flavor very well. The texture of the soft serve wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked it to be, but it was still fine.  The soft serve itself was not very sweet, its perfect for people who dislike sweet desserts.

Organic Milk

I choose to add a shot of Belgium chocolate on the top, it was an extra $1.50. I didn’t add anything else to it as I thought it would be too sweet. I was incorrect though, surprisingly it wasn’t too sweet. I wished I would have added a drizzle on top since it was free.  The soft serve was smooth. The chocolate sauce was also delicious but it was a little bit hard to eat as it hardened and I thought I was going to break my spoon while trying to eat it haha.

Both ice creams were completely hollow inside, which kind of upset me as I felt a little bit ripped off.. I really wished I took a picture of the hollow inside but I completely forgot.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
The ice cream was good but I personally prefer soft peaks better. I will definitely come back though, I heard they also have a milk tea and cereal milk flavours sometimes too, which sounds amazing. I added points due to the unique flavours that they have but I took points off as I didn’t really like the other toppings offered there, and mostly because the ice cream was hollow inside.

UYU Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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