Guu Richmond


I was searching for a restaurant to eat at for lunch in Richmond so of course I pulled out my handy dandy zomato app. I saw Guu richmond listed on the app so I decided to check this location out since I’ve been to a few of their other locations. Guu Richmond was in a corner on the 2nd floor of Aberdeen. It was really tucked away and hidden, We wondered how they got customers. I was really interested in the ‘Special Lunch Set’  which came with 3 kinds of seafood don and a mini udon for the price of $9.80. It also came with a mini macaroni salad which I found extremely tasteless, but I thought it was a cute addition and didn’t care much since the lunch set was a really cheap price anyways.

Seafood Don

There was three types of fish: Spicy tuna, red tuna, and salmon yukke. It also consists of wasabi, ginger, pickled purple cabbage and radish. The wasabi was a lot more spicy than I excepted it to be, unlike the cheap kind you find at some places that requires a big chunk of the wasabi before you can feel the burn. This rice bowl was guu’d (ha ha).

Tanuki Udon

This was called tanuki udon. My friend and I were confused as we thought tanuki was a Japanese raccoon dog (which it is) but it was also a style of udon in which there tempura flakes on the top.  This was delicious and this type of udon is now my new favorite! I loved the tempura flakes, it gave the udon a very interesting texture. The broth was very flavourful and the udon was cooked to perfection. I used to not really care for any type of noodle soup much, but I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Mango Beer
I also decided to get the mango frozen beer. The top part wasn’t as pretty as it should be but, I really enjoyed this. The mango flavour was not too sweet and didn’t over power the beer flavour. The beer taste was prominent, normally the fruit flavour over powers the beer flavour but luckily this one did not. I would totally get this again!

The funny thing is, the server forgot to ID me, Which I thought was strange as I look a little bit young for my age. However when I was already half way finished my beer she came up to me and asked for my ID…. What was she going to do if I was underage? I already drank half of my beer….Well, luckily for her I’m not underage XD

Since I enjoyed my first meal here so much I decided to come back. The day I came, they didn’t have the lunch special so I had to settle for something else.


This is the Chirashi which is a bowl of assorted raw fish on rice. There was salmon, tuna, shrimp, tamagoyaki, and more. This was alright, but I was excepting more seafood since the lunch set don I had before was filled with fish. The picture may make it seem like there was plenty but it really wasn’t, I ended up having alot of left over rice since the fish to rice ratio was off. It also came with  a miso soup and the same macaroni thing.

The service here was a a bit messy, even though there were 2 servers and the restaurant was pretty empty, perhaps 2 tables in total. They were extremely polite though so I guess they get a pass. I would still come back, but probably only for the special lunch set as I thought the portion and quality was fabulous for the price. Actually, I want to go back there right now as I write this, but I fear that messy service.

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One thought on “Guu Richmond

  1. Every time I see the words “Tanuki Udon”, I also think of the raccoon dog too even though it has nothing to do with the udon! I agree that it is one of the better-tasting types of udon out there.


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