Dasarang Chicken

One day, I was craving for some korean fried chicken so my friends so I decided to try this place out. Dasarang Chicken is located a few blocks away from Lougheed mall in whats known as the “korea town”in metro Vancouver. This place seemed to be quite popular among young adults.


These are the side dishes we got at the start. The white looking dish is pickled radish. I’m usually not a big fan of this however it goes really well with fried foods because it helps cleanse the oily taste from the fried chicken. The other dish is a salad with shredded lettuce and I believe thousand island sauce. I liked these side dishes and it went very well with all the fried food too.

Half and Half1430117061491

This was half regular fried chicken and half yangnyeom chicken. The yangnyeom chicken was sweet, spicy and sticky. Way too saucy for my liking. The regular fried chicken was alright, I would still prefer churches chicken to this chicken though to be honest.

Fried Squid

This was tasty, well seasoned but pretty average. It came with some type of sauce to dip in which complimented the squid quite well. Its a good item to get if you get bored of chicken though.

Skewered Ricecake

This is something I really enjoyed! They were dipped in dasarang’s special sauce which tasted spicy and sweet and had sesame seeds sprinkled over them.   I like the fact that the pieces are small, which means that is more sauce with every bite. This is definitely something I will be getting the next time I go!

Fried Chicken Gizzard

We only got this dish because it was one of their cheaper items on the list. The gizzard was nicely fried and seasoned. I usually don’t really like eating salad when I go out to eat however this salad was really good! This was some type of spicy sauce on it that gave the salad a really good flavour. I do have to warn you that the suce on the salad is extremely spicy though (at least for me it is).


This is korean rice wine. The alcohol percentage of this is extremely low so it’s very hard to get drunk off of this. I can’t really judge this properly since I’m actually not a big fan of most alcoholic beverages but I guess it was alright.

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Overall rating 7.5/10

This place is alright, its not the best but its not bad. It’s a good place to come with alot of friends or family and feast on unhealthy fried foods. I do have to warn you though that they take a pretty long time to make the food so do only visit when you are not in a rush to get anywhere.

Ps. For any fried chicken lovers, I would also recommend Ajuker fried chicken which is a few blocks up (I love their soy sauce chicken)


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