Xi Shi Lounge At Shangri La

Xi shi lounge

It was my 19th Birthday and of course, I had to have afternoon tea! I saved Shangri-la afternoon tea for my birthday as it was a more pricier afternoon tea place, and I assumed that it would be more fancier than other places. We made reservations for 12:30 on a Sunday but the place was extremely empty. There was only one other table of two and one server. The server was wearing a really cute dress and was really kind, however since she was pretty much the only server at the time it was hard to get good service, it was pretty slow.


There wasn’t many unique or interesting teas so we decided to get the lychee tea and peach tea. They were both quite good. The lychee tea also had rose and almond in it. Out of the two, I enjoyed the peach one a bit more. The rose flavour in the lychee tea was a bit too strong for my liking.


This is the Afternoon Tea set. it is $44 per person, one of the more pricey places for afternoon tea in Vancouver

Savory Tier

There were four sandwich per person.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

The smoked salmon and lemon crème fraiche was flavourful however, I didn’t like the bread that it was on, I think it was a bit dry? perhaps a little bit more of the lemon crème fraiche would have been nice.

Classic Cucumber and Cream Cheese

This is your average cucumber sandwich, It was alright except the white bread was a tad bit hard.

Coronation Chicken

This was tasty. This consist of chicken,green raisins,herbs, and some type of creamy sauce.  The sauce was pack with flavour, and the chicken was tender. I really liked the raisins, they added a slight tart and sweet flavour to the sandwich. This is my most liked sandwich out of the four.

Spinach Wrap

This was really dry and bland. It was filled with raw spinach, with maybe a small cube of tomato and a few pieces of grilled mushrooms. There was no type of sauce what so ever so it caused the wrap to be really dry.

Middle Tier- Scones

It was two scones per person. They were pretty big and extremely filling.

Raisin Scone

This was good. The scone was crumbly and buttery. The raisins added a tartness that took away some of the excess buttery taste.

Plain Scone

This was okay, I prefer the raisin scone more though, as the plain scone is too plain for my liking but I guess that’s what the cream and jam is for.


They gave us marmalade, clotted cream, and strawberry jam. I LOVED how they gave us so much clotted cream!! Sometimes tea places only give you a tiny bit of clotted cream to share among two people which is horrible as my friend and I love to cover our scones in cream so its always a mini contests to get the cream haha. I do have to say though, it’s not the best clotted cream I’ve had, I would prefer if it was a bit less stiff. I much prefer the cream at the Fairmount at the Airport or at Neverland Tea Salon. The strawberry jam looked like it was purred strawberries instead as it didn’t have and strawberry chunks in it. That was fine though because I still enjoyed it. The marmalade was alright, but a bit bitter sometimes It looked like all Three items were made in house instead of store brought which is great!

Sweets Tier

Four mini desserts per person, I only enjoyed 2 desserts out of the 4…….

Summer Pudding Trifle

The bottom part consist of mashed raspberries and blueberries which were sweet and tangy. The addition of the cream was a good contrast to the sweet fruit, it was light and fluffy. The little cracker on top added a nice crunchy texture to the trifle. I enjoyed this dessert, it was very refreshing.

Triple Nut Florentine

Not a fan of this. I’m not 100% sure what type of nuts were on but I’m guessing, pistachio, cashews, and maybe almonds? I had to force myself to eat this, and it was extremely sticky,chewy and hard to eat.I thought all my cavity fillings were going to come out. I guess perhaps that’s how a florentine is suppose to be, but It didn’t really seem like it should have belonged in a afternoon tea set.

Coconut and Lemon Pound Cake

I really did not enjoy this. It was soaked in some type of super sweet lemon liquid and covered in some sweet shredded coconut. It was sickly sweet, and I could barely finish eating it. My friend could only eat half of it since it was too sweet. The cake itself was wet and sticky from the liquid. It would have been better if they added something else to help lessen the sweetness, or hold back on the sweet lemon liquid stuff.

Passion Fruit and White Chocolate Cone

I enjoyed this, I would say that this was my most liked dessert out of the four items. The cone was nicely crunchy. The passion fruit cream was tangy,not overly sweet and smooth. I’m not sure where the white chocolate part was though, was it in the cream? I don’t remember tasting any white chocolate, but that was fine as I enjoyed this anyways.

They had a Opera mask changing show at 2:00 which was really interesting and entertaining. They also have a kung fu tea show at 4:00 that we did not get to watch but that seems intriguing too.

Not my favorite afternoon tea place, I was really disappointed and I’m not sure if I would come back for another visit….. Actually, maybe I’ll give it another chance when they have a better menu. It’s just that there are so many other tea places around so I wouldn’t want to waste my time here.  I mean the waitress was polite and helpful however there was only perhaps one server working so it was really hard and took a long time to track down a server. The food wasn’t the best either I actually think that the menu for this afternoon tea is one of my least liked. I would rather go down the street to Urban Tea Merchant for tea instead.

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