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My friend and I decided to visit Kerrisdale once again for afternoon tea. Rose House was the only tea house in Kerrisdale that we haven’t tried yet so of course we had to try it out! I made reservations on the phone the day before and it was quick and easy, the person who picked up was very professional. Rose house is in a very odd location it’s on a side street instead of a main street and the outside doesn’t look very nice compared to the other tea houses around. The interior however, was alright. Not the fanciest or the cutest but still elegant looking.


I really wanted a pink tea cup so I was a annoying customer and politely asked her if they had a pink teacup, she didn’t look at me oddly and didn’t seem to find me bothersome or anything, she just smiled and said “of course!”.  A+ for the great service, beautiful teacups, and teapots!


The tea that we chose were the Sweet Valentine and Royal Tea Garden tea. The sweet valentine was a black fruity tea that had apple, sunflowers and roses. The royal tea garden was also a black tea that had cubes of apple and peaches. They were not the best teas I’ve had at a tea house but they were alright. I did however liked how they gave us steamed milk instead of cold milk. I also liked that the teapots were on teapot warmers to keep the tea warm.

Prince William Afternoon Tea Set ($28.95 per person)

One of the cheaper tea sets in town.

Bottom Tier – Savory Items

Cucumber Sandwich

This is your average cucumber sandwich, there really is not much to say about this.

Chicken Sandwich

This was okay. There was too much mayonnaise and the piece of chicken and apple were hard to bite off the bread. The bread part was crunchy and tasted more like a cookie, which was actually tasty though.

Salmon Cone

This was interesting. The inside of this cone was salmon paste and was a bit salty. The cone was crunchy and slightly sweet so it did a good job of contrasting the salty salmon paste.

Egg Salad Toast

The egg was nicely seasoned and the toast part was crunchy.

Tuna Sandwich

The tuna was mixed with mayonnaise.The black bits are little poppy seeds which added a slight crunchy texture to the sandwich.

Middle Tier – Scones

Rose House Scone

Not the best scone I had at a tea place, but not bad. This came with very little cream for two people to share which was disappointing as the cream is the best part to eating scones (for me it is at least). It did also come with a rose jam that I found fascinating though. The texture was gooey and it had rose petals in it.

Potato Salad

This was alright. It’s just your typical potato salad but with a slice of shrimp on top.

Top Tier – Sweets

This consists of five little sweets per person. The sweets were simple and subtly sweet so it is good for people who can’t eat really sweet desserts.

Pineapple Panna Cotta

Not a big fan of canned pineapple but this was decent. The panna cotta part was nice and smooth. The pineapple bits added a nice tangy flavour to the panna cotta.

Lemon Macaron

This macaron was scrumptious! The lemon flavour was strong and the macaron shell was crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy in the inside. It was exactly how a macaron should be.

Raspberry Tart

The raspberry was nice and tart, the tart shell was buttery and the custard was not overly sweet.

Coffee Sponge Cake

This was light and fluffy, and not overly sweet. The coffee flavour was just right, not too strong or subtle. There was nothing really special about this cake however it went great with tea.

Strawberry Mousse

This was delicious! I’m usually not a big fan of strawberry flavoured sweets however I enjoyed this. The mousse was nice and creamy, I think it was made from real strawberries as there was no artificial taste as all. The chocolate shell was dark chocolate and went extremely well together with the strawberry mousse. I do have to mention that it was a little bit hard to eat as it was slightly frozen. I enjoyed it slightly frozen though, it kind of taste like super creamy ice cream.

20150805_140828(0) 20150805_140851

They had a section where you could buy different type of tea and they also had teacups and tea ware on display. It was adorable!

Overall Rating 8.5/10
The thing I enjoyed the most at Rose House was the great service and ambiance. Service is very important for a tea place to me. I haven’t had servers that were this friendly or kind in a while so that was great. The food wasn’t memorable or anything but it was still tasty. I’m really shocked there are barely any reviews on this place. I much prefer Rose House to Adonia, which is just a few blocks down.  I would totally come back again one day, and I recommend this place to everyone!

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