Leisure Tea & Coffee


My friends and I were walking around Lansdowne Centre and we were searching for a place with desserts. We came across Leisure Tea & Coffee, which is a cafe that I have heard of before. We were reluctant to go inside as the outside of the cafe was really sketchy looking, however the inside of the cafe was kind of vintage styled decorated with old picture frames and items. This cafe serves coffee, tea, bubble tea, and dessert items such as shaved ice, crepes, and waffles.

Caramel Pudding Milk Icy + pearls ($6.25 +0.50)Screenshot_2015-07-27-12-27-00-1
This was delicious! It looks kind of plain at first however, when you mix everything together it was scrumptious. There was a perfect amount of condensed milk, so the shaved ice turned out to be not too sweet, but not plain. The caramel pudding was smooth and creamy and went went with the shaved ice. I enjoyed the texture of the shaved ice as it wasn’t big chunks of ice, it was finely shaved. The pearls were good and bouncy at first but turned kind of frozen after a little while, that is inevitable though because we mixed it into the shaved ice. If you ever order pearls with your shaved ice, I recommend not mixing it in with the ice so it doesn’t turn frozen.

Fresh Mango Icy ($6.25)

I enjoyed this. There was a good amount of condensed milk and mangoes. The mangoes were fresh, however a few piece still had some skin on them which we had to spit out, so that was a little bit annoying. Just like the caramel pudding shaved ice, I liked the texture of the ice.

Grass Jelly milk Icy ($5.75)
This was a little bit too plain for my liking. There wasn’t enough condensed milk, actually I don’t even know if there was any condensed milk on it. I only tasted grass jelly and ice. The grass jelly was good though, it was firm and bouncy.

Calpis Green Tea ($4.75) Screenshot_2015-07-27-12-28-54-1I was not a fan of this, it just tasted like regular green tea. I’ve had many calpis drinks before at other places that tasted great, but this tasted nothing like it and was very disappointing. There was none of that yogurt taste that you’re suppose to taste.

Overall rating: 7/10
Hmm overall this cafe was alright. If I came back I would probably only get the caramel pudding shaved ice and maybe the mango one. The thing that bothers me is that they have this rule where you have to spend $4.75 per person. I mean if I came for dessert with one other friend, all I would want is one shaved ice. I don’t see how two girls can fit in anymore than that for dessert, so I would rather go to the Aberdeen Centre food court for shaved ice.

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One thought on “Leisure Tea & Coffee

  1. Oh wow! Those look really delicious. I’m a huge fan of mango and sticky rice dessert, so that mango ice variation is definitely catching my eye.


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