Midam Cafe

Midam Cafe is located in what is known as the Korea town. I’ve seen posts of their shaved ice and desserts on Instagram so I really wanted to try this place out. The location was hidden at the bottom corner of the plaza.The interior of this restaurant was really interesting. Most of it was very traditional Korean styled however it was decorated with basketball items, and there was even a basketball net. This is a place I frequent quite often now so this post will be of the collection of items I have tried here over the span of a few months.

White Ricecake Coated with Bean flour and Apple Sauce

This is one of the first items I got here on my first visits. This is one of the reasons why I keep on coming back, I really love this. The grilled rice cake is slightly crunchy on the outside, and soft and chewy in the middle. Apple sauce sounds like it would be odd with rice cake however, it surprisingly went very well together. It was slightly sweet and warm. The roasted soybean flour complimented the dish.

Rice Cake Waffle

The waffle is crunchy, and a little bit chewy. I really like the texture of the rice cake waffle however, I found this to be a bit too plain and boring as it is only covered in a little bit of syrup and roasted soybean flour. I wish they would have other interesting options such as the waffle with ice cream, fruits, etc.

Deep fried Boneless Carbonara Chicken

This is my favorite savory dish that I have gotten here so far. This consisted of chicken, carbonara sauce, rice cake, and onions. That sounds like a very odd combination however everything went well together. The chicken was nicely fried and crispy. The carbonara sauce was creamy and complimented the chicken quite well. It also went well together with the rice cakes. The rice cakes were soft and slightly chewy. The onions added a nice flavour and texture to the dish. I really recommend this!

Tiramisu Parfait

I thought this was scrumptious. There were so many different components to this parfait so it was fun to eat. This parfait consisted of cereal bits on the bottom, whipped cream, two scoops of ice cream(one vanilla, one coffee) a slice of tiramisu cake, a piece of chocolate, and caramel and chocolate drizzle. Even though there were so many different items, everything compliments each other very nicely and every time you took another bit, it would taste slightly different.

Tiramisu Shaved Ice

delicious! instead of regular shaved ice, they used flavoured milk ice. the toppings were plentiful. There was a small slice of cake, red bean, rice cake, and nuts. Similar to the tiramisu parfait, It was fun to eat as there were many items so every bite you take is different.

Spicy bbq Chicken with Onion and Rice cake20141205_1916566/10

My friend and I only chose to get this because of the cheaper price. I didn’t really enjoy this very much. The chicken was nice and tender however, I wasn’t a big fan of the sauce that they used and the rice cakes. I Thought the rice cake pieces were a bit too thick

Assorted Grilled Rice Cake

This was disappointing I didn’t really like the rice cake selection except for one of them. The one I enjoyed was the square one, it was covered in maple syrup and roast soybean flour and it was grilled very nicely. The circled ones had a type of paste in the centre, I believe it was red bean or taro and it was a fusion of sweet and salty which I didn’t enjoy. The white cylinder shaped ones were too thick so It wasn’t grilled enough. and due to the thickness, there was not a good coasting of the syrups so some parts of it tasted like nothing. One was drizzled in maple syrup and one in condensed milk. I don’t really recommend this, I would rather get the single rice cakes, such as the one with apple sauce, or maple syrup.

Rose Tea
This was a little bit too strong for my liking, but still it was still okay.

Banana Split

This tastes like your average banana split except instead of strawberry ice cream, they used green tea ice cream. Which I enjoyed as I love green tea ice cream and I’m not a big fan of strawberry ice cream. The only issue I had with this was that the banana was not ripe enough.

Marinated Beef Patty Wrapped in Rice cake

We chose to get this just because it sounded interesting. The beef was tender, sweet, and very nicely seasoned. The rice cake wrapping was soft, slightly chewy and complimented the beef very well. The purple rice is my favorite type of rice, and went well with everything. The rest of the items however, the soup,steamed egg,salad,kimchi,and soybeans, were average.

Coffee Parfait

Delightful! This had two scoops of coffee ice cream,cereal flakes, some fruits, and some type of cookie. you really can’t go wrong with a dessert like this. It tasted pretty similar to the tiramisu parfait however I still prefer the tiramisu one.

Spicy Chicken with Cheese

The chicken pieces were chicken cutlet and it tasted very average. I liked how there were a little bit of veggies like onions and some broccoli so you wouldn’t get sick of just eating chicken. The sauce went well with the chicken but I didn’t find it to be that spicy. Unfortunately there was barely any cheese in this which was extremely disappointing.

Oreo Milkshake

This is just your average Oreo milkshake that you would get anywhere. still yummy though!

Rice Cake Toast with Strawberry Gelato

This was heavenly, and I believe it is one of the newer items on the menu. It is two pieces of toast with a slice of rice cake in between. It also had strawberry gelato and condensed milk and chocolate syrup drizzled on top. It was garnished with some fruits, some almond slices, and a sprinkle of icing sugar. I never seen a dish like this before so I thought It was really interesting and I highly recommend this.

Chocolate Shaved Milk Ice

 This is a newer item on the menu. I was so excited to see this because I love milk ice so much more than just regular ice. The chocolate milk ice tasted like frozen chocolate milk, the texture of the shaved milk ice was very nice and flaky. I do wish that they would put either more chocolate sauce, or put condensed milk on it. After we finished half of this, it was a little bit boring and dry as it was just plain milk ice. There was also shaved chocolate pieces that were hard to bite due to the cold shaved ice.

I also had the Miso Bibimbap that I forgot to take a picture of. I thought that very was delicious too, the miso was a very nice flavour and worked really well with the veggies and rice. I recommend this if you cannot eat spicy foods.

Overall Rating: 9/10
I really recommend this place and I frequent it often. I would say that it is one of my favorite places to visit for dessert! 
The service here is alright. During my previous visits, none of the workers were ever rude, but some lacked in skills. I went back a few weeks ago and noticed that this has improved, however they still seemed to be understaffed and the service is slow at certain times.

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Other Notes:

  • They have two menus, the one with more of the savory option is only available after 6:00pm.
  • They have floor seating, and that is my favorite place to sit at.

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