Soft Peaks


Soft Peaks just opened a few months ago and I’ve always wanted to visit soft peaks to see what the hype was about. It became popular because it is a bit more healthier than normal ice cream. They use organic Avalon milk instead of cream so it is lower in calories and fat. They are also all natural, gluten free, and there are no preservatives or artificial flavouring. I believe they are also popular because this place is pretty much a copy cat of the popular Softree ice cream place in Korea. I’ve seen both positive and negative comments about soft peaks so I was very curious to test their ice cream out myself.

Honeycomb Peak ($6.75)

This is what I choose to get, it is their signature flavour and the most popular one. It consist of cereal bits on the bottom, their signature swirl, honey drizzle, and it was topped with a piece of honeycomb. I enjoyed this! The ice cream swirl texture was smooth, creamy, and flavourless (in a good way) because it’s suppose to taste like milk. The cereal added a nice crunchy fun texture to the ice cream and there was a perfect amount of it. The honey drizzle went very well with the milk soft serve ice cream and added a nice sweet flavour to it. The honeycomb was interesting and tasty at first but it got annoying after the first few bites. It gets stuck to your teeth and its hard to eat. After a while it’s just a little bit too sweet and overpowers the ice cream. I still thought this was fantastic though.

Original Peak with Honey Syrup ($5.75)

This is my friend’s ice cream. It’s basically the same thing I got, but without the honeycomb part and maybe a bit more honey drizzle. I Am a bit sad that the ice cream kind of fell over to the side tho :/ the picture isn’t as nice as it should be and that is my only complaint haha. This is what I would get the next time visit soft peaks again. Its the perfect amount of sweetness and you can focus more on the texture of the ice cream.

This is Their Menu

I read many reviews on soft peaks and I’ve seen some people say that it’s bland, tasteless and that McDonald’s ice cream is better. I have to disagree with that. I believe it really shouldn’t taste like much since its milk flavoured, so it taste like milk. The McDonald’s ice cream is vanilla flavoured, not milk so obviously it’s going to have more flavour.


Overall rating: 9/10
I totally recommend Soft peaks to everyone, especially if you are not a big fan of super sweet ice creams (for those who want something super sweet I would recommend you Glenburn soda fountain, they have delicious sundaes). I do believe however, that it is a bit overpriced for the amount they serve you but organic and natural things are always more pricey anyways. I really enjoyed this place and I can’t wait till my next visit to soft peaks!

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