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My friend and I have been longing to visit the BBT Shop for a while after viewing photos of their beautiful fancy looking bubble waffles so we finally went! it is a few blocks down from Aberdeen centre and is underneath the superstore which was a odd location. When we got there, there were so many options and so many things we wanted to try but we decided to just share one drink and two bubble waffles.

Supermango Bubble Waffle ($8.95)

Out of the items I’ve tried at this place, this would be my favorite. I thought this was exquisite. This consist of mango,mango sauce,mango ice cream, and a mango and yogurt chip infused bubble waffle. What I really liked about this was that the toppings were plentiful! The scoop of ice cream was humongous, and there were loads of mango and sauce. The bubble waffle was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but I did not detect any yogurt chip at all. If the menu didn’t say that the waffle was mango and yogurt chip infused I would have assumed that the waffle was the original plain one. Maybe there was just too many toppings on the waffle and it was just very subtle so I couldn’t taste it, or maybe they really did just give me a plain waffle. I’m not sure but oh well, its alright since I enjoyed it anyways. I would have also preferred fresh mango but I guess that wouldn’t happen since the overall price of the dish would have to go up.

S’mores Bubble Waffle ($6.95)

I enjoyed this dish. The bubble waffle consist of graham crumb,torched marshmallows,chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The marshmallows were nicely torched and went well together with the waffle. The whip cream did a nice job of adding a light fluffy taste to contrast the rich sweetness of the marshmallows. The waffles were crispy and were cinnamon flavoured which was a surprise since it said no where on the menu that it was cinnamon. I thought the cinnamon flavour was a bit too overwhelming and strong. I think it would have tasted better if it was just a chocolate bubble waffle. The bubble waffle did however, remind of s’mores though. I did enjoy this waffle but I enjoyed the supermango waffle much more. I think it was because the supermango had ice cream and ice cream just goes well with any type of waffle(or anything really).

IMG_20150629_141341 IMG_20150629_141254

This is the inside of the bubble waffles.

Real fruit mango slush with popping boba ($5.70)

I was extremely disappointed in this drink. I believe the mango was canned and the slush was watery and didn’t even taste like mango very much it just tasted really sweet. My friend thought that the mango tasted powdered and not real fruit at all. The popping pearls were really interesting and I like the texture of them but I thought that there was just too many pearls. Too many is usually not a problem but the popping pearls were incredibly sweet and just made the whole drink itself sickly sweet. It got too sweet for me and I couldn’t drink it anymore.  I prefer the mango slush they have at bubble queen. The one at bubble queen is only slightly more expensive but they use real fruit and I find it to be superb so I recommend you going there instead for drinks.

Drink Menu
1435615844756 1435615851780

Bubble Waffle Menu

Seasonal/Limited Time Menu

Overall Rating: 8/10
My experience at this place was alright, If it wasn’t for the supermango bubble waffle it would have gotten a much lower rating. Some may find that this place is a bit over priced but I thought it was okay. I recommend getting their bubble waffles with ice cream or add ice cream to the bubble waffle as the waffle taste so much better with it! The particular drink I got wasn’t good, I’m not sure about the other drinks as I haven’t tried them yet but I’m not sure if I would risk getting a drink from this place again if bubble queen is only a few blocks away. So overall yes I do recommend this place for the bubble waffles, not really the drinks. I also believe that the presentation of the bubble waffles is fabulous and would look nice for photos (if you’re like me, and like taking pictures of pretty food haha).

Extra Notes:

  • The service was meh. The girl cashier that was taking my friend’s order was super nice but when it was my turn to order, the guy who took my order looked and sounded as though he wanted to go home and sleep.
  • It’s in a odd location, just keep walking around the superstore parking lot and you will find it.

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