Adonia Tea House


hooray for afternoon tea again! I made reservations for Adonia about a week in advance for a Saturday afternoon and I’m so glad I did! this place was packed when we arrived. I was very amazed by the interior of this tea house. It was vintage themed and looked like an old doll house(not a creepy one). I do have to say though, this tea house was extremely small. We were seated at a table to the side that was the size of a side table that sits next to your bed. It was a tad unconformable and cramped to be honest, but I guess it didn’t bother us very much since the place was very cute.


My friend got the mango passion fruit, it is a green tea with pineapple, mango, rose petal and orange petals. I got the Kalahari which is a rooibos tea. It contained hibiscus,lemon grass and chocolate flakes. I was very disappointed with the tea here, I did not enjoy the teas very much.

Afternoon Tea Set for twoIMG_20150328_193605

Because not everything fit onto the cake stand, there was also a separate side dish for the scones and some more desserts.

Bottom Tier -SavoriesIMG_20150330_163431

Two sandwiches are missing from this picture because my friend was hungry and ate them before I could snap a picture : (

Chicken croissantIMG_20150330_163755

I enjoyed this sandwich the most, this contained chicken,lettuce and a slice of apple on a mini croissant. I loved how the apple slice added a crunchy texture and a slight refreshing taste.

Egg sandwich

How cute! this had cucumber,egg, and lettuce on a bun. The egg was nice but I found the bun to be a bit on the dry side.

Cucumber sandwichIMG_20150330_163914

This is your classic cucumber sandwich. Really simple, just white bread, cucumber, and cream cheese. Not bad, but of course nothing special. Its perhaps a bit boring to be honest.

Ham sandwichIMG_20150330_163937

Another traditional afternoon tea item. This had white bread, ham, cheese and mayonnaise. Again, not terrific or anything.

Middle Tier – More savory itemsIMG_20150330_163555

Usually the savory tier is only the bottom tier however this was different and took up the middle tier too~

Shrimp potato salad

This was good. The shrimp was a good size and tasted fresh. The potato salad was creamy and flavourful.


I did not enjoy this very much. It was way too oily, and the texture was mushy. It was like eating a block of oily cheese.

Smoked Salmon SandwichIMG_20150330_164028

This is your average salmon cream cheese sandwich. I believe it was on whole wheat bread. I liked that there was a good amount of smoked salmon in it.

Top Tier- SweetsIMG_20150330_163533

I didn’t like how the sweet items on this tier were all different. Of course, we both wanted to try all of them since there was six different sweets so it was hard to split. I think it would have been a better choice if they just gave us both the same sweets. I do think these sweets are good for people who like light desserts that are not too sweet.

Chocolate TartIMG_20150330_164303

I thought this was delicious! I would say this was my favorite dessert out of the bunch. The dark chocolate was very rich so the raspberry did a good job of adding a tart flavour to the tart to balance out the chocolaty texture and flavour. The tart shell was nice and nice and crunchy.

Chocolate Brownie/cakeIMG_20150330_164241

This was okay. I forgot if it was a brownie or a cake, but I do remember that it was your typical brownie/cake and nothing special. I mean if it was special or unique I wouldn’t have forgotten what dessert it was ahaha.

Raspberry CakeIMG_20150330_164217

A very light and simple cake. Very good for people who don’t like desserts that are too sweet. This went well with tea. The raspberry added a burst of flavour to the simple sponge cake.

blueberry cupcake

This was also a light, simple cupcake that went very well together with tea. The blueberry bits were sweet and tangy and the cream added a nice texture to the cupcake.

Fruit TartIMG_20150330_164152

I wish they would have put more pastry cream in this tart. Since there was barely any pastry cream in the tart it just tasted like fruits + tart shell was tasted really dry and plain together.

Almond TartIMG_20150330_164353

I actually never had an almond tart before so I can’t really judge this very well but the tart shell was alright and the almonds on top of the filling added a nice crunchy texture to the sweet. The tart filling had an interesting texture but didn’t taste like almond at all.

Side Dish- Scones and More Sweets

This part is usually on the middle tier but I guess it couldn’t fit so they put on on a plate instead.

green onion scone

I was not a big fan of this. I thought it was interesting to eat a savory scone with jam and cream, it tasted a bit odd together. I thought the scone was stale and oily.

Cheese scone

I thought this was a bit better than the green onion scone however I didn’t like this very much either. Like the other scone, I found it to be oily, and too crumbly.

Panna Cotta

I really love panna cottas so I thought this was delightful. It was silky and the fruit sauce had a slight tartness to it. I would not say this was the best panna cotta I had at a tea house though. I prefer the panna cotta I had at Patisserie Für Elise much more, however it was still good.


This taste like tiramisu you would get at a grocery store.  Still good though but not great.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
It wasn’t the best afternoon tea place that I have tried however its not bad either. The sweets were decent and the savory items were okay. The scones and tea, I was not a big fan of however. I would be reluctant to come back to this place because apparently their menu doesn’t ever change much, the service wasn’t great either one of the waitress was a bit rude. I would consider coming back because of the ambiance and beautiful decor though. This place was so cute!

Other Notes:

  • The server was not really rude to us, however I did find the server to be rude to another guest behind our table.
  • reservations are a must!! during the time when we were there, there was about 4-5 groups that came in without reservations and had to leave because there was no room at all.

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