Koika Ramen

While scrolling down my instagram, I came across a picture of a ramen burger and I got really excited. I’ve always wanted to try one after I heard of how popular it was a few years back in new york, so I just had to come try this place, and I dragged my friend with me too.

Koika Burger with cheeseIMG_20150602_124312

This was my friends burger, It has a normal beef patty, cheddar cheese,lettuce onions, koika sauce (you have the option to change to the teriyaki sauce too) and of course the ramen buns.

Cha Shu BurgerIMG_20150602_124252

This was my burger. Instead of the normal beef patty, there was pork belly cha shu, that was marinated for 24 hours in special shoyu sauce. There was also lettuce. onion, and teriyaki sauce. Honesty it was pretty disappointing.

There was soo much sauce on the burger however most of the sauce fell/slide and fell to one side of the burger when you pick it up to try to eat. So the first half of the burger taste pretty much sauce-less and plain, while the other half was coated and drowned in sauce. The whole thing was really hard and messy to eat which was not fun. Everything kept on sliding out. I know burgers are not suppose to be neat and tidy to eat but this was a bit too much of a mess. It got to the point when it was actually tiring to eat and we had to put the burger down to rest our faces and hands. The ramen bun part, which I thought was going to be amazing was really not. It really didn’t taste like much. It just tasted like plain ramen noodles smashed together to form a circle. No flavour, no seasoning, and the texture wasn’t good either. The cha shu pork however was pretty delightful, and was the best part of this dish. This wasn’t for only my burger but my friend’s burger also.

Overall rating: 5/10
Pretty disappointing. I wouldn’t come back again for the ramen burger, but maybe the actual ramen perhaps. Or maybe I just wouldn’t come back again at all since there are more popular ramen places in down town. I got to say the ramen burger was a pretty decent price and was a bigger potion than it looks so it was really filling, which was good. The ramen burger was an interesting one time thing though.

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