Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House


Joe Fortes is somewhere I have been longing to go to for a long long time. I believe this is one of the more popular places for oysters, and raw oysters is my favorite food ever so I couldn’t wait to try this place! For happy hour only though since non happy hour is too pricey for me currently. Happy hour is from 4-6pm everyday at the bar area, and I believe the patio area too in the summer. They have buck a shuck (oysters for $1 each) and items such as onions rings, calamari, and many others.


In total we ordered 52 oysters for two people…..I know that sounds absolutely crazy but we couldn’t stop ordering it. It was sooooo delicious. At first we started with 30 oysters, then we ordered 10 more and then 12 more. The oysters varied in size, some were small and some were big but they all tasted amazing. The oysters were creamy and rich. It was so creamy it almost tasted buttery, my mouth is watering as I type this right now. They also didn’t have much of that fishy ocean taste that some other oysters have, these tasted much more fresh.


I do have to say though that once in a while I came across a oysters that had a little bit of shell in it but honestly that’s kind of inevitable and didn’t really bother me much. Though I guess it would bother others.


They gave us lemon, Tabasco sauce and cocktail sauce for the osyters. We got new lemons and sauce every time we ordered a new round of oysters.

Happy hour Menu

Overall Rating:10/10
I think I already said this but wow these are the most amazing oysters I have ever had before. I really do recommend this to anyone who loves oysters like I do. I will definitely come back soon for more oysters and perhaps try the other happy hour items like the shrimp roll. I also thought the service here was amazing. Everyone was very nice and professional, I haven’t had good service like that for a while.

Other notes:

  • Take your date here, take your friends here, take your family here this is an amazing place for everyone
  • I do recommend dressing up nicely or decently if you go here though since its more of a fancy place. Don’t come here in sweats and a t-shirt.
  • The bar area for happy hour fills up quickly
  • honesty though 52 oysters was waay too much for two people haha. I don’t recommend getting that much.
  • You cannot make reservations for happy hour

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