Phnom Penh


There were so many positive reviews on this place, and it seemed to be very popular so I decided to take my friend here to eat one day. I’ve heard that people had to wait 30-60 minutes for a table so I decided to come at the random time at 4:00 on a Friday which seemed to be a good choice as the wait was perhaps only 5 minutes.


They gave us fish sauce and this type of chill pepper thing at the very start. I’m not sure why they gave us fish sauce though as nothing we ate really required fish sauce…


This is soup that came with the Beef luc lac combo. it came with one huge chuck of pork on the bone. It was not tough at all and came off the bone nicely. It wasn’t salty and nicely flavoured. Tastes exactly like what my mother makes at home.

Beef Luc Lac on Rice

This taste really different from the beef luc lac I usually eat at home. This beef luc lac had a very sweet sauce which made it taste more Chinese or maybe Japanese styled? than Vietnamese. Even so, it was still delicious. The beef was tender and went well with the nicely seasoned sauce. The greens added a nice crunchy and fresh taste to the dish. The rice is a must have for this beef dish to contrast the beef and sauce that are packed with flavour. There is also an option with a sunny side up egg, but we decided not to get that as we didn’t think the egg was necessary.

Marinated Butter Beef

I enjoyed this dish. The beef was nice and tender and had a bit of a melt in your mouth texture. However there was an excessive amount of sauce and cilantro. It overpowered the beef too much :(. This dish was still delicious though, this was probably my favorite dish that I’ve tried from Phnom Penh so far.

Deep fried Chicken WingsIMG_20150117_141004

The chicken was perfectly cooked and tender. The chicken was also nicely seasoned with an abundance of um well, msg. The salt pepper lemon sauce went well with the chicken however a little bit unnecessary as the chicken was already seasoned so for some people the chicken might be too salty if eaten with the sauce. I heard people say that this was the best fried chicken ever and I was a little bit let down. Yes it was good however certainly not the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. There is a food place in the Richmond Aberdeen food court that has far superior fried chicken then this place.

Overall Rating: 8/10
Was the food good? Yes I thought It was pretty scrumptious but I do believe this restaurant to be over hyped and it made my expectations too high. It was good but nothing that was like OHMYGOD. Also service is pretty bad, I felt like we were really rushed out. Like I wasn’t fully done eating and the server came up to us and slammed the bill on the table and also came up to us about 3 times to ask if we were done so he could clean up. I literally had to shove the last pieces of food as fast as I could in my mouth before he took everything away. Like I would understand if we were there for a long time but we were only there for about an hour and a half. I would also understand if there were people waiting for a table but at that time and day, there was absolutely no one waiting for a seat so I was kind of confused as to why they wanted us out so badly.. Hmm for some reason I make it sound like a bad place, its really not though this restaurant has great food and I do recommend this place, and sure I would come again, why not. Oh and I forgot to mention that the food is decently priced too!

Extra Notes:

  • If you can, avoid peak hours when people go out to eat the most, the wait is said to be long sometimes
  • The dishes that I ordered were said to be the most popular dishes
  • There is some street parking
  • Pretty horrible service. I mean I’m pretty used to the typical service at Asian places but this annoyed me a bit.

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