Yuu Japanese Tapas


My friends and I were really hungry one day so we randomly came across this restaurant and decided to try this place because it seemed like it was the cheapest option and my friend was being really cheap. Another reason why we chose this place was becuase it had the shortest line up at the time and we were getting extremely hungry.


If I remember correctly this was around $6-7 which is pretty pricier for the size, I think the picture above makes it look alot bigger then it actually is. If any of you didn’t know okonomiyaki is like a japanese pancake made with cabbage,batter, and beef/shrimp/seafood/anything really. On top is okonomiyaki sauce,mayonnaise,seaweed,small slices of pickled ginger, bonito flakes. It’s also kind of similar to takoyaki, I’m sure many people know what that is. Really nothing special, it tasted like the ones I used to make at home, and I’m not the best cook.


This consists of rice,chicken cutlet,onions,eggs,seaweed. Again, it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t extremely god either. The chicken to rice ratio was a little bit off too, there was a lot more rice than the actual chicken.

Melon Cream Soda

I was so excited when I saw that there was melon soda on the menu! I have a love for melon soda for some reason. There was nothing bad to say about this, I thought It was delicious but I don’t see how you could go wrong with melon soda. The ice cream made to soda slightly creamy, and maybe it would have been better if the ice cream scoop was bigger though, or that’s just my preference. I thought this was also a bit pricey, but out of all the items we got, this was my favorite.

Overall Rating:

Not a place I would go to again, there are so many food places in Richmond I don’t see the point of coming back to this location. I’m not saying that the food was bad or anything but it was really average, or maybe slightly below average. The servers and the ambiance were not that great either.

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