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I haven’t been to afternoon tea for a while so, one day I decided to take my friend here. I’ve always wanted to come to Secret Garden since I heard that its one of the more popular afternoon tea places in Vancouver. While making reservations, they asked if anyone was a vegetarian and if we had any dietary restrictions which I appreciated since no other tea place that I been to ever asked that before. Kerrisdale is pretty far from when I live so I really hoped that the trek there would be worth it. We got there a bit early but we were seated right away, and the servers were professional. There is no menu since we made reservations for the full afternoon tea so we were only given the menu for tea, but you can find the seasonal menu on their website. While we were deciding on which tea to get, we also got a sample of their creamy earl grey which was delicious!


It took us a while to pick the teas since there were so many choices but we finally made our decision, we chose the secret garden’s secret and the angel’s dream. The Secret garden’s secret is one of the bestsellers, its a black tea with vanilla and a secret sweet fruity ingredient. The Angel’s dream is also a black tea with “Maple, Blackberry, Assam and Green tea” I had no idea what assam was but I usually like maple tea so we just went for this tea. To be honest I wasn’t a big fan of the teas. It might just be that it just didn’t suite our taste, but I was pretty disappointed. I guess the Secret Garden’s secret was alright though, but I didn’t like the Angel’s dream at all, it was oddly bitter and just tasted weird to me, I wasn’t expecting that. The teas did taste better with sugar and milk though.


There was sugar cubes in this cute Royal Albert cup! Though I’d rather have honey or sugar not in cubed form since you cant control the amount of sugar you wanted.

Full High Tea Set

This is the amount for two people, which is $60 in total. Average price for high tea, It used to be cheaper a few months ago.

The Bottom Tier

This was Probably the best savory tier I’ve had out of all the afternoon tea places I have been to!

Chesapeake Bay Shrimp Salad

Delicious!!! this is one of, if not, the best sandwich I’ve had at afternoon tea.  there were two mini half croissants for each person.The shrimp tasted fresh, and the sauce and whatever seasoning they used that was with the shrimp salad tasted so creamy and delightful. The croissant was crispy and buttery but not oily. I find that many tea places serve the same typical sandwiches (like salmon,egg,ham) but this was unique and different so A+ for this sandwich.

Secret Garden Egg Pinwheels

This was also really good too! we were served three of these little cute pinwheels each. I thought it was going to just taste like a typical boring egg sandwich but it was interesting. Rolling it up into a pinwheel made it taste more creamy. The eggs were nicely seasoned and the celery and I think parsley added a nice crisp texture to the overall sandwich.

Ham and Egg Sandwich

There was two of these little sandwiches per person. This sandwich consist of avocado,a little bit of pickles, ham and egg on Irish soda bread. I also enjoyed this however is wasn’t on par with the other two sandwiches. I found the Irish soda bread to be ever so slightly dry. The pickle was a nice surprise and added a nice subtle sour flavour to the dish. The avocado was nice and creamy, and the ham and egg were okay.

Middle Tier

The extremely boring tier. Not bad though, just boring.


Not the best scone that I have had, but not bad. I would say average? the cranberry bits were overpowered by the sugar crystals that were on top of the scone, So the whole thing just tasted sweet. I could not really detect a hint of tanginess that should have came from the cranberries. The cream and raspberry jam that came on the same tier were delicious with the scone though.

Tea Cake Slices

These were blueberry tea cake slices and were pretty average tasting. They were moist and the blueberries had a really nice tartness. These were a bit boring though and just seemed like they were suppose to be a cheap item that will fill you up.

Top Tier

The sweets were okay. They were extremely small though and we were given no forks to eat the desserts with.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cake

This cake is really really chocolaty but I didn’t taste any hazelnut flavour all all. The Espresso Buttercream was sickly sweet, and the espresso flavour was no where to be seen. It felt kind of bleh after I ate the cake due to the overwhelming sweetness, and this is coming from a person who likes to eat super sweet sweets. So overall the whole cake just tasted like a mouthful of sugary chocolate, I’m not ever sure if there was a cake part in this. This was also really heard to eat without a fork as they didn’t give us any forks for some reason…….

Vanilla Butterscotch Pie

I guess This would be the best sweet item out of the three. the pie crust was nice and thin, which I really loved as I dislike really thick pie crusts. The pie was embellished with a cute meringue on top which gave it a nice crunch. The vanilla butterscotch pie filling was not overly sweet which was great. But I think it lacked a bit of the butterscotch flavour? a stronger flavour would have been nicer.

Mini Lemon Tart

Not my favorite lemon tart, nothing will beat Faubourg‘s lemon tart ever. The lemon curd was nice and tangy though but the tart crust was a little bit too flaky buttery and it was falling apart even before I took a bit into it, and my fingers were all oily after touching it. Some people would love that flakiness and butteryness of it though but I think its too much.


Overall Rating: 8.5/10
I would totally come back again, the sandwiches were delicious! I would opt for a different tea next time though. I believe the menu changes every few months which is exciting since a few places rarely change their menus and its a little bit boring to go back to a place with the exact same menu. I recommend this to people usual like the savory tier the best on high tea tiers, since there really wasn’t alot of sweet items. Though the sweet items were pretty sweet so maybe more sweets were not necessary. I also recommend this place to people with dietary restriction and allergies because it seems like they are very accommodating to things like that. The ambiance at this place was not the best. The table right behind had little screaming kids which kind of ruined the whole mood. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who like the whole classy and elegant atmosphere. I would recommend one of the Fairmont hotel’s and Urban tea merchant for that. 

Extra Notes:

  • Reservations are a must!!!
  • their menu changes every few months

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2 thoughts on “Secret Garden Tea Company

  1. For me, the standout dish was freshly made chips and smoked salmon -avocado dip which was disappointing as i assumed the highlight dish State Bird Provision Quail would knock our socks off..afterall, its fried, different yelpers rave about it and heck, its namesake…however we all agreed it was ‘ok’…place is loud, stylish, with all the beautiful dishes passing, it’s possible you’ll get drawn into ordering tons and end up with an expensive tab.


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