Adonia Tea House


hooray for afternoon tea again! I made reservations for Adonia about a week in advance for a Saturday afternoon and I’m so glad I did! this place was packed when we arrived. I was very amazed by the interior of this tea house. It was vintage themed and looked like an old doll house(not a creepy one). I do have to say though, this tea house was extremely small. We were seated at a table to the side that was the size of a side table that sits next to your bed. It was a tad unconformable and cramped to be honest, but I guess it didn’t bother us very much since the place was very cute.

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Koika Ramen

While scrolling down my instagram, I came across a picture of a ramen burger and I got really excited. I’ve always wanted to try one after I heard of how popular it was a few years back in new york, so I just had to come try this place, and I dragged my friend with me too.

Koika Burger with cheeseIMG_20150602_124312

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Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House


Joe Fortes is somewhere I have been longing to go to for a long long time. I believe this is one of the more popular places for oysters, and raw oysters is my favorite food ever so I couldn’t wait to try this place! For happy hour only though since non happy hour is too pricey for me currently. Happy hour is from 4-6pm everyday at the bar area, and I believe the patio area too in the summer. They have buck a shuck (oysters for $1 each) and items such as onions rings, calamari, and many others.

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Phnom Penh


There were so many positive reviews on this place, and it seemed to be very popular so I decided to take my friend here to eat one day. I’ve heard that people had to wait 30-60 minutes for a table so I decided to come at the random time at 4:00 on a Friday which seemed to be a good choice as the wait was perhaps only 5 minutes.

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Yuu Japanese Tapas


My friends and I were really hungry one day so we randomly came across this restaurant and decided to try this place because it seemed like it was the cheapest option and my friend was being really cheap. Another reason why we chose this place was becuase it had the shortest line up at the time and we were getting extremely hungry.

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Secret Garden Tea Company


I haven’t been to afternoon tea for a while so, one day I decided to take my friend here. I’ve always wanted to come to Secret Garden since I heard that its one of the more popular afternoon tea places in Vancouver. While making reservations, they asked if anyone was a vegetarian and if we had any dietary restrictions which I appreciated since no other tea place that I been to ever asked that before. Kerrisdale is pretty far from when I live so I really hoped that the trek there would be worth it. We got there a bit early but we were seated right away, and the servers were professional. There is no menu since we made reservations for the full afternoon tea so we were only given the menu for tea, but you can find the seasonal menu on their website. While we were deciding on which tea to get, we also got a sample of their creamy earl grey which was delicious!

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