Neverland Tea Salon


 Being an afternoon tea addict I had to try this place! The thing that lured me in the most was the name, Neverland. What a charming name! It gave me memories of my childhood while watching peterpan. Anyways, I dragged my friend here all the way from Burnaby by public transportation and that was not very fun.. It took I would say 50 minutes to get to Neverland and I really hoped that it was worth the trek. We got off the bus stop and walked up the road to find the place, and it was not very hard to find. ‘Neverland tea salon’ was written in big enchanting gold letters outside the shop, I thought it was extremely beautiful! As we walked in on a Friday afternoon we realized that it was fully packed and were relieved that we made reservations. The interior decor and furnishings were very simple yet still elegant. I really loved the pink chairs that they had, I wish the whole store was filled with that pink chair instead of just a few ): Also A few of the workers seem to be a bit tired and grumpy, which kind of ruined the mood… but the others were nice and professional which was nice.


What I really like about this place is that if you order the full high tea, you get never ending tea which means that you get to try as many teas as you like! I really loved this as for most high tea places you only get to try one tea and I found it really hard to pick between all the scrumptious sounding tea. There was a substantial amount of teas to choose from and my friend and I really tried to drink as many teas as we could till we exploded.
Take Me To Neverland – Delicious! We had to get this because of the cute name, and since it was apparently their signature tea. This is a peppermint and chocolate black tea. This taste pretty similar to DaivdsTea’s read my lips but with a more subtle peppermint taste and smell.
Terry’s Orange Chocolate – I thought this was Delightful. It’s exactly what you think it taste like. A tea form of Orange chocolate.
Peaches and Dreams – I really loved this so much! It tasted like peach candy. I loved it so much I actually purchased a 50g bag of this tea before I left.
Pink Lemonade – This was good. It taste exactly like pink lemonade, although obviously I think it would have tasted better cold instead of hot.
Night market Mango – This didn’t really taste like mango, and we were pretty disappointed. Both of us were not a big fan of this tea.
Lady Guava –  I don’t really know why we ordered this as I’m not a big gauva fan. It smelt pretty amazing though, it smelt exactly like a guava but it has this weird perfume after taste which was odd so i wasn’t a big fan of this either unfortunately.

IMG_20150316_131108 IMG_20150228_234931

These tea cups are beautiful! the one on the left was mine. I actually asked them if I could exchanged tea cups since my old cup was really ugly and I saw this beautiful one sitting behind me. They did change it for me but they seemed annoyed about it of course.. but you know I’m spending $30 for the prettiness of high tea and the ambiance so why not. They also ask if you want a new cup every time they change the tea for you which I believe is amazing however we declined as I was too in love with my teacup.

High Tea Set For Two

Tier 3

The savory items

Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich

This was a really simple sandwich but it was actually my most favorite! The egg tasted fresh and it was nicely seasoned with chervil, chives and Dijon sauce.

Tomato Sandwich

this consisted of aged cheddar and tomato basil chutney on a herb scone. I would say that this was my second favorite item from the savory tier. It pretty much tasted like a pizza but in sandwich form, how could you dislike that?

Cucumber Sandwich

This is a afternoon tea stable, its pretty much on most afternoon tea sets. It was a really simple dish however I also really enjoyed this! The lemon herb cream cheese really complimented the cucumber well, and i thought whole wheat was a really good choice for this sandwich.

Mushroom Croissant

delightful! The croissant was flaky and buttery, and the truffled mushroom and brie went very nicely together inside the croissant. There was also some type of green in the croissant however I cant remember exactly what it was but It added a really nice crunch to it.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

This sandwich was alright however in my opinion it was not on par with the other sandwiches. This had many interesting ingredients though. This sandwich consisted of chicken salad with tarragon, salt roasted pears, walnuts, globe grapes, and I believe mayonnaise. All the ingredients surprisingly went well together, the walnuts added a crunchy texture while the grapes added a refreshing taste. I believe this sandwich would have tasted much better with a type of green to contrast the overly rich taste.

Tier 2

The sweets section!

Lemon Tart

This is your classic lemon tart but with blackberry pearls. The tart was nice and buttery and the lemon curd had the perfect amount of tartness to it. The blackberry pearls added a nice refreshing flavour which helped contrast the sourness of the lemon curd. Although this was good, nothing will ever beat faubourg’s lemon tart.

Pistachio Cupcake

This was my first time having a pistachio cupcake, and it was delicious. On top was raspberry buttercream and inside seemed to be filled with a little bit of jam and some type of green jelly?(or was that under cooked cupcake lol) All the ingredients surprisingly complimented each other well, for some reason I thought raspberry would have been a little odd with pistachio but I was very wrong. The buttercream was also nice and fluffy and wasn’t overly sweet.

Cherry Financier

This seemed boring at first, and I thought the cherries were maraschino cherries which is something that I’m not a fan of. However these cherries were amerena cherries, which is a cherry I have never tried before and it turned out to be scrumptious!  The outer layer of the financier was a little bit crunchy while the inside was moist. The cherries added a nice burst of flavour and sweetness to the financier.

Espresso Brownie

I thought I was going to enjoy this however I ended up being very disappointed.  This had a hazelnut chocolate pudding layered on top of the espresso brownie and it was topped with hazelnuts and maldon salt. During my first bite it was like I was hit by a salt storm then drowned in sugar. It was overly salty and then overly sweet, very disappointing. There was nothing to neutralize the flavours….

Tier 1

Scone with Strawberry Jam and Devonshire Cream


I thought this scone was kind of flat? Traditionally a scone should be able to be eaten by ripping it apart in the middle with your fingers however this scone required a knife. Apart from it being flat, I though it was pretty delightful! the scone was coated in sugar which added a crispy texture and the scone was moist. I would have liked it if it was a bit more fluffy though. The jam and devonshire cream were exquisite and complimented the scone very well.


The bill came in this adorable thing, along with a complimentary ‘take me to neverland’ tea sample for each person!


On the counter is where they store their fairy large collection of gorgeous teacups and three tier stands, I’m so jealous!


They have a very fascinating way of brewing tea, it was a station where a staff member could easily brew multiple teapots at once. They also had some sweets you could buy like macarons and cookies.


On display were an abundance of teas that you could purchase in 50g or 100g bags and tins. I had to buy one of course!

Overall Rating:
My experience at this place overall was good, and I would like to come again one day. I would have to say my favorite part of this place is that for the never ending tea, you can try as many different teas as you want. The service was pretty meh for an afternoon tea place, I really expect servers to be professional and polite at these types of places. The food was good, but nothing that magnificent or fantastic that would make it stand out from the other afternoon tea places, and the price is average afternoon tea price. This is a place I recommend though, its a place you should try at least once.

Extra Notes:

  • reservations is a must! The shop was packed on a Friday and even though we had reservations we stil had to wait a bit till we were seated.
  • Though the service wasn’t THAT bad (wasn’t good either though), it was the worst service compared to all the other tea places I’ve been to.
  • Pretty loud for a tea place, it might bother some people but i was fine with it.
  • Really cute teacups and three tier stands!

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