Sekai Udon Bar

I think Sekai Udon Bar opened maybe 6 months ago, and it replaced the all you can eat sushi place in metrotown. We decided to go here just to see how it was since it was in a very convenient location next to the bay.

Cream Sauce Udon

i wasn’t expecting much from the udon since I read my friends review on the udon from here and she seemed to not be a big fan of it. I did actually enjoy it though so perhaps they improved since my friend last went here? The cream sauce was really thick and flavourful. I believe the meat in it was chicken or ham…I’m not actually sure. The udon was nice and bouncy. I would say that the udon was cooked really nicely.

Spicy Tuna & Spicy Salmon RollIMG_20150214_130134

Oh my gosh this was spicy. I usually always get spicy tuna and salmon at sushi places and they are usually never really that spicy to me but this was. I enjoy the pain from spice so I guess it didn’t really bother me that much, but I’m just going to warm you that its pretty spicy compared to the ones at other places so wasabi really wasn’t necessary for this dish. I find it interesting how instead of mixing the spicy sauce in with the sashimi, they simply places a ton of the sauce on the plate, then placed the sushi on top. There was also a large amount of sesame seeds which kind of made it slightly crunchy too I guess which was nice. The dish in general wasn’t fantastic but it also wasn’t bad, its just your average spicy rolls.

20150211_111224 20150211_111231
20150211_111244(1) 20150211_111255


Overall Rating:
Meh, it was alright nothing special or different. The only reason why i would come back is because it in inside the mall which makes it very convenient. I would rather go to another place to eat though If I could pick, sekai udon bar would probably be on the lower end of the list of choices to go to.

Extra Notes:

  • surprisingly when I went the service was amazing!!. Perhaps it could be because it was not very busy at the time but the servers were all very nice and kind. I usually never get that kind of service at a Asian restaurant so that was great.

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