Neverland Tea Salon


 Being an afternoon tea addict I had to try this place! The thing that lured me in the most was the name, Neverland. What a charming name! It gave me memories of my childhood while watching peterpan. Anyways, I dragged my friend here all the way from Burnaby by public transportation and that was not very fun.. It took I would say 50 minutes to get to Neverland and I really hoped that it was worth the trek. We got off the bus stop and walked up the road to find the place, and it was not very hard to find. ‘Neverland tea salon’ was written in big enchanting gold letters outside the shop, I thought it was extremely beautiful! As we walked in on a Friday afternoon we realized that it was fully packed and were relieved that we made reservations. The interior decor and furnishings were very simple yet still elegant. I really loved the pink chairs that they had, I wish the whole store was filled with that pink chair instead of just a few ): Also A few of the workers seem to be a bit tired and grumpy, which kind of ruined the mood… but the others were nice and professional which was nice.

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Sekai Udon Bar

I think Sekai Udon Bar opened maybe 6 months ago, and it replaced the all you can eat sushi place in metrotown. We decided to go here just to see how it was since it was in a very convenient location next to the bay.

Cream Sauce Udon

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