Audrey’s Moment High Tea

One day, I decided to take my friend here after seeing a 10% off coupon on umagazine and also seeing some pictures from instagram. Audrey’s Moment High Tea is the first high tea place in burnaby and is quite close to metrotown mall which makes it very convenient.We went on a Thursday afternoon and were the only people there at the time, and we were greeted by a kind and quiet waitress.  We decided to both get the luxury high tea set which included a pot of tea worth $6.75 and a selection of savories and sweets on a three tier stand. They also had a smaller set which is called the signature set however it doesn’t include tea and I do not really think the smaller set is worth it. If you decide to get a high tea set, I recommend only getting the luxury tea set.


I decided to get the creme caramel tea while my friend got the kalahari tea. They were both delicious and flavourful. The creme caramel was a green tea and had a strong green tea taste to it. I didn’t really think it really resembled creme caramel that much but it did taste like some type of candy and I really enjoyed it. The kalahari tea was a rooibos tea and of course it was also packed with flavour. The lemon grass flavour was strong while the chocolate flavour was very subtle.


The cutlery here is sooooo cute! I love these bear utensils I wonder where they buy them from! I really want some for myself!


There was only three sugar cubes in the bowl for some reason, which was kind of annoying but it was really cute at least.


They also gave us some cream for the tea in this cute little pot

Luxury high tea set for two

i would say that this is a decent amount for two. One set was $28, so in total this was all $56.

Bottom tier

Smoked Salmon Ciabatta

This was good, the smoked salmon tasted fresh, and nicely seasoned with herbs and pepper. The bread was crunchy and I believe there was mayonnaise bread on to the bread.

Salami Croissant

I enjoyed this. Inside the mini croissant was salami,tomato, and lettuce. The croissant wasn’t as flaky as I would have liked it to be, but the ingredients inside makes up for it. They all went well together.

Potato salad and Tiger prawn sandwich

This was okay. The prawn was really good and went well with the cucumber. I think there was also potato salad on it, but it tasted more like mayonnaise to me. since it tasted like mayonnaise, it tasted really oily and similar to the sandwiches from TNT. I really think it would have been soo much better if they put dill cream cheese on it instead.

Prosciutto sandwich

This was alright, its really just prosciutto on a little piece of bread with some type of spread. It was nothing special but nothing bad.

Seafood Basket

Unfortunately I did not enjoy this, I would say that this was the item I disliked the most out of everything. The sesame cone part was crunchy,unique, and cute however the filling was really weird to me. I believe it was a curry creme? which I did not enjoy. It also felt oily to me and was kind of like a sweet curry…blah.

Middle Tier

Black Currant Scone

The scone was pretty good, It was moist and soft. The black currant bits inside was a wonderful burst of flavour, I really enjoyed it. The rose jam complimented the scone quite well however the mascarpone cheese tasted more like butter then mascarpone cheese so i wasn’t a big fan of it.

Bacon and Spinach Quiche

I wasn’t a really big fan of this. the whole thing was mushy and a little bit too oily for my liking. It also kind of felt like the quiche was made out of potatoes? or maybe it was just because it was really mushy. The bacon bits were kind of tough. Maybe it would have tasted better if it wasn’t cold?

Top Tier

This tier was my favorite tier. Non of the sweets were overly sweet which is good for people who can’t eat a lot of sweet items.

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta

This was probably my most favorite item out of everything, it was scrumptious! I think the top was grapefruit flavoured? I’m not actually 100% sure but it was flavourful and delicious and really complimented the bottom part very well. The bottom part was really smooth and creamy and did a good job of contrasting the tartness from the top layer. From this, I also discovered that I actually really like greek yogurt.

Chocolate Peanut Tart

My friend really enjoyed this sweet as it was a dark chocolate tart. The tart shall was buttery, the dark chocolate filling was really dense and rich. The peanuts inside were nice as it added a crunchy flavour to the tart. Even though this tart was really rich and chocolaty it was not overly sweet which is great.

Strawberry Napoleon cake

delicious! The outside was nice and flaky and the almonds added a crunchy texture to the cake. The cream was creamy and smooth and the strawberry had a nice tart flavour to them. All the flavours and textures worked really well together. I would say that this was my 2nd favourite item!

Mousse Cake

This was a raspberry mousse cake. It was smooth and creamy and I liked the raspberry flavour.The little raspberry on top added a really slight tangyness to the cake. Its a really light and fluffy cake perfect for people who are not a big fan of really sweet sweets. I think my mother would enjoy this. It also kind of reminded me of the mini fur elise from Patisserie Für Elise.


So I took a picture of the strawberry macaron even though I ate the green tea one….so I have no idea what the strawberry one tasted like unfortunately. The green tea macaron is something I really enjoyed though. The outside was nice and crunchy and the inside was soft and chewy. Instead of the usual jam or ganache filling they put red bean paste inside instead which I thought was really interesting. Green tea and red bean is a really good combination.

Other Pictures of the Interior!

The chairs and tables are really cute


I really really LOVE the walls they are soo cute!!

IMG_20150127_153011 IMG_20150127_154124

This is the front of the store with a shelf of teas.

Overall Rating: 7.5 /10
Overall, I did really enjoy the sweets, scones, and tea. I found those items to be delicious and scrumptious! I wasn’t a big fan of some of the sandwiches though unfortunately. I would go back since its really close to metro and reservations doesn’t seem to be required, it’s just easier to go to and get to. The next time I go I want to try the non high tea items too, they had some sweets,soups and pasta which seemed interesting. I also thought the interior of this place and cutlery were extremely cute! The price was also pretty decent and I do recommend this place.

Extra Notes:

  •  Service is alright, or maybe just because we went on a weekday. The girl server was really kind but there was this guy who I think might be the manager? but he was kind of rude. No eye contact or anything and just randomly left the bill on the very far far corner of the table….
  • Washroom is kind of dirty for a high tea place.
  • they are opened from 11am-11pm which is awesome since most other high tea places close at like 6:00pm
  • they have other sweets and foods here that I would like to try
  • plenty of parking
  • the decor of this place is similar to that of  patisserie fur elise

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