Sugarholic Cafe


 My friend and I were at aberdeen centre and decided to try out the new cafe. It was the exterior and interior of this gorgeous cafe that really lured us in. The  baby blue walls, white drapings, and chandeliers were extremely beautiful, its what i would want my room to look like. The only thing I didn’t really like were the maroon coloured booth seats, I felt like it kind of ruined the beautiful interior as it didn’t match the colour scheme and stood out too much. This cafe is near daiso, in this exact location previously there were different cafes, and i believe even a pasta place that opened up but all were short lived, and didn’t last long. Though i do believe sugarholic’s  cafe lifespan would be longer then those cafes as I always see a good amount of people in there. My friend and I arrived at the cafe at around 1:40? and were shocked to see the cafe completely full, there was a small line up in front of up too. I believe it took about 20 minutes for us to finally be seated.


We decided to get one of the lunch specials and shared it, it was 12.50 for a meal + a drink which i believe was a decent deal.

Peach Iced Tea

We got this just because the were a limited amount of drink choices for the lunch menu, it usually wouldn’t be my first choice however it was pretty tasty though I must say. There was a good peach flavour and the green tea wasn’t too sweet. It had a slight grassy bitter aftertaste flavour however I did enjoy that. I wouldn’t pay the full price for it though, it was $4.75 on the regular menu and i don’t believe it would be worth it for that price

Rolled Chicken Thigh With Spicy Cream Sauce on Rice

We got this as we didn’t really know what it was and the words “rolled chicken” intrigued us. You had a choice of getting this dish with either rice or noodles. We choose rice just because I much prefer rice over noodles. This dish came with rice, a salad, some corn, and of course the chicken. The presentation was pretty, however we did notice that the chicken to rice ratio was really off. They was so much more rice then chicken or any of the other items. More chicken and cream sauce would have been nicer as we had so much leftover rice. The chicken was good though, it was moist, juicy, and flavourful and the cream sauce enhanced it all. the salad was a regular mixed greens salad with carrots and sesame oil, and the corn was just regular sweet corn. Overall this dish was good, however not anything special.

Chocolate Lover’s Honey Toast

This was my favorite part! The toast was in pre cut little squares and were crunchy. I believe the toast was lightly coated in sugar too. On top was chocolate ice cream and some type of cream, which kind of tasted like a cross between melted ice cream and whipped cream. Also there was chocolate sauce which enhanced the dish. The cream part helped balance out the sweetness from the chocolate sauce, which was great. There were also nuts which added a nice extra crunch to the whole dish. Everything went really well together, and was not overly sweet. I did find the portion the but a little bit small for the price though, however I would totally order it again since it is really delicious~

1420431836363 1420431902426

Lunch menu and Afternoon tea menu.

Regular Menu


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Overall Rating:
Overall I did like this place and would come back just because of the decor, and the delicious desserts. I also perhaps might try the afternoon tea there one day too.

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