Crackle Creme

I decided to come here with one of my friends after seeing some reviews. I love creme brulee so I decided to give it a try.

Flight of 3

There were so many unique and interesting flavours that we wanted to try so we thought getting the flight of three was a good idea. This was 7.50 for three creme brulees, which were smaller then the regular sized one that they sell. We settled on the ferror rocher, organic earl grey, and the honey lavender as they were interesting flavours. I thought the presentation of this was extremely cute! I loved the cute wooden spoons and the cute dim sum box!

Honey Lavender

I’m really not sure why we got this one as my friend and I are not actually a big fan of flowery sweets however this one wasn’t bad. Wow when we first got it, we could already smell the lavender and we were a bit afraid of trying it. it smelt like a park, or a garden. I found that it really tasted like flowers(obviously). No artificial taste at all, it was actually pretty wonderful. The honey complimented the strong lavender flavour very well. Though I did like it, I just wouldn’t get this again just because I’n not a big fan of eating things that taste like flowers. I do believe a lot of other people would like it though, and I do recommend trying it just because of the interesting and unique taste.

Ferrero Rocher

I really loved this! It taste exactly like ferrero rocher, but in creme brulee form. The top were nuts and bits of chocolate I believe and added a crunchy texture to the dish. The burnt sugar part was nice and cripsy. The custard part was deliciously smooth and creamy. The custard was also chocolaty but not too rich, it was really light. I really also liked how it wasn’t overly sweet.

Organic Earl Grey

This was again, also delicious. The earl grey flavour wasn’t as strong compared to the flavour in the honey lavender, but it was still very prominent. The custard was very smooth and the top was of course, nicely torched. I love how it cracks like glass right when you push your spoon into it.

And then we also got 2 full sized creme brulees because um we needed to try more flavours for my blog review 😀 cough. Or just because we were being pigs XD

Organic Matcha and Pandan Coconut

I don’t really remember which one was which unfortunately.

Organic Matcha – amazing matcha flavour but not too powerful which was great. The custard was again, nice and creamy and the top was crispy. The custard was a deep green colour. I really recommend this to matcha lovers like me!

Pandan Coconut – This was a bit more stiff compared to the rest of the creme brulees we tried but it was due to the coconut milk that was in it. The top was still crispy like all the others though. The coconut flavour was certainly there, it was a very strong flavour. the custard part was a really pretty light green colour.


I really like how the owner torches the creme brulee right in front of your face. He is the only person working and taking care of his shop. He seems like a very hard working guy, I applaud for him and his successful business.


I love how there are soooo many flavours to pick from!



They also sell waffles however I didn’t get a chance to try them yet.


Overall Rating:
I really liked this place and really recommend this place to everyone, especially to people who love creme brulee. These are not cheap creme brulees though. I believe its a little bit pricey however I think its worth it. The flavours and texture of all the creme brulees are amazing, and are probably one of the best creme brulees I have had so far.

Extra Notes:

  • Limited seating, probably only seats 10 people?
  • no washroom available

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