Audrey’s Moment High Tea

One day, I decided to take my friend here after seeing a 10% off coupon on umagazine and also seeing some pictures from instagram. Audrey’s Moment High Tea is the first high tea place in burnaby and is quite close to metrotown mall which makes it very convenient.We went on a Thursday afternoon and were the only people there at the time, and we were greeted by a kind and quiet waitress.  We decided to both get the luxury high tea set which included a pot of tea worth $6.75 and a selection of savories and sweets on a three tier stand. They also had a smaller set which is called the signature set however it doesn’t include tea and I do not really think the smaller set is worth it. If you decide to get a high tea set, I recommend only getting the luxury tea set.


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Sugarholic Cafe


 My friend and I were at aberdeen centre and decided to try out the new cafe. It was the exterior and interior of this gorgeous cafe that really lured us in. The  baby blue walls, white drapings, and chandeliers were extremely beautiful, its what i would want my room to look like. The only thing I didn’t really like were the maroon coloured booth seats, I felt like it kind of ruined the beautiful interior as it didn’t match the colour scheme and stood out too much. This cafe is near daiso, in this exact location previously there were different cafes, and i believe even a pasta place that opened up but all were short lived, and didn’t last long. Though i do believe sugarholic’s  cafe lifespan would be longer then those cafes as I always see a good amount of people in there. My friend and I arrived at the cafe at around 1:40? and were shocked to see the cafe completely full, there was a small line up in front of up too. I believe it took about 20 minutes for us to finally be seated.

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Crackle Creme

I decided to come here with one of my friends after seeing some reviews. I love creme brulee so I decided to give it a try.

Flight of 3

There were so many unique and interesting flavours that we wanted to try so we thought getting the flight of three was a good idea. This was 7.50 for three creme brulees, which were smaller then the regular sized one that they sell. We settled on the ferror rocher, organic earl grey, and the honey lavender as they were interesting flavours. I thought the presentation of this was extremely cute! I loved the cute wooden spoons and the cute dim sum box!

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