Globe@YVR Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Vancouver Airport


My sister saw a coupon from groupon and decided to treat me to high tea one day. Both my sister and I have a afternoon tea obsession but unfortunately afternoon tea is only offered from 2:00-4:00 here. I believe it was $42 for two plus tax and tips, which is a really good deal. The drive was extremely far and finding parking was really confusing. Due to this, we were about 30 minutes late for our reservation.


When we arrived we were really shocked to see that the whole place was completely empty! There was not even one table except for us, which was kind of awkward.  The restaurant was very clean and large. We seat near the window and could see planes taking off. Our server was a little bit slow but very attentive and professional.

I would also like to apologize for the really awful pictures, my sister hates it when people take pictures of their food so I has to snap pictures as fast as I could XD


These are the teas we picked out, this is the first time I have seen tea served in this type of pot before. The tea is at the bottom of the pot.

The red one is the Berry Berry Tea – this is said to  “fill the palate with deep berry notes that jump out of the cup” and this was true to the description. This was a very flavourful tea with powerful berry notes. It was a really amazing tea and I wish I could have bought this tea to bring home with me. It tasted even better with honey and i thought it was a really pretty colour.

The green tea is the Lung Ching-Ceremonial Dragonwell Yixing –  This tea is said to have a “hint of sweetness amidst an enchanting green tea taste, which is then shadowed by aromatic flowery notes” This was also a really good tea. You could taste the flowery notes and the slightly sweet green tea. The only problem with this tea is that since it is a green tea, as you let it steep more it got more bitter and we had to add more honey. I wish there was a way to take the tea out after a certain time period.


Bottom Tier- Savory

All of the savory items were sandwiches. For some reason I forgot to take a close up shot of the bottom tier by itself..

Smoked BC Salmon – The smoked salmon was in a dark rye bread with dill cream cheese, grated horseradish and cucumber carpaccio. It was a good sandwich, but nothing really special. It is pretty much at every high tea place so  there’s not much to say about it except that it was pretty good, but could be made at home.

Curried egg salad – I found this to be a little bit odd, I didn’t think the curry flavour went very well together with the rest of the ingredients.  I found the curry flavour to be a little bit too over powerful. I think it would have been great if the curry flavour was more subtle. I also thought the croissant wasn’t flaky enough, it was a little bit dense.

Smoked turkey – This had Cheddar, candied pecans and cranberry filone. This wasn’t bad but It was not my favorite. I’m really just not a fan of the sweet and savory items together. My sister said she really enjoyed it though. I didn’t think he mayonnaise and cranberries went together very well, especially since there was also turkey. I did think it was a unique and cool idea though, and I’m sure lots of others would love it.

Rare roasted Striploin – This was probably my favorite savory item out of the bunch. This had arugula, cameralized onions, grainy mustard, on a pretzel loaf. I found the loaf to be a little tiny bit too tough, but it was alright. The meat was fantastic, it was soft and had the melt in your mouth texture. The arugula and onoins added a nice crunchy texture and fresh flavours. The mustard enhanced the whole sandwich and worked very well with the striploin meat.

Middle Tier – Scones

I believe these were Orange and cranberry scones and they were served with clotted cream and jam. Mmm these scones were delicious! even by the time we got to the scones they were still slightly warm. The outside was still crunchy with the middle was soft and moist. They were not dense at all. The dried orange and cranberries in the scones were delicious and added a slightly chewy texture to the scones. The best part about this was the clotted cream! The cream was rich,smooth and super creamy! It really enhanced the scones. I also really liked they they gave us a really large amount of cream, and we finished it all! The jam was your typical strawberry jam. It was good however we didn’t use much of it due to our obsession over the clotted cream.


Top Tier – Desserts

This was my most favorite part! I really loved each and everyone of these desserts

Opera Slice – This was delicious. it was a almond cake with coffee cream. The inside was fluffy and moist. There was also some type of crunchy bits inside too which was fabulous. The little coffee bean looking chocolate on top was very cute. I am able to eat really sweet things so I thought this cake was fine however, my sister found it to be too sweet for her.

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Tart – I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy this very much as raspberry flavour desserts are not my favourite but I was very wrong. I thought this was delightful! The tart part was nice and flaky while the raspberry jelly was flavourful and tangy. The tanginess contrasted the rich and creaminess of the dark chocolate mousse. The raspberry and chocolate flavours worked really well together.

Fresh Peach Clafoutis – I couldn’t really taste the peach, to me it tasted more like passionfruit for some reason. There were also hazelnut, cinnamon, and vanilla in this cake and the flavours were subtle. The cake was kind of grainy, it sort of tasted like a healthy cake for some reason and was not very sweet. I believe people who are not a big fan of really sweet sweets would enjoy this very much.

Matcha Cheesecake – This was my absolute favourite item! the matcha flavour was there but it wasn’t too powerful. The cheesecake flavour was subtle but was extremely creamy and fluffy. The lovely sesame shard on top added a nice crunch and really pulled all the flavours together.


Overall Rating:
Overall I really enjoyed it, and so far they had the best tea for afternoon tea out of all of the places I’ve tried so far. The desserts and scones are also amazing and service is decent. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I would come here again though as it is extremely far from where I live and getting there would be a hassle. I mean, driving or taking public transportation all the way to the airport for high tea is something that isn’t really worth it no matter how good it is. I’m not sure if I would also pay the full price for this, but if you go with a coupon and are willing to travel there, I really recommend it!

Extra Notes:

  • Parking is difficult to find
  • When we went with the coupon, we got free parking
  • desserts and scones were better than the savory items.

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