Swiss Bakery


I really wanted to go to Swiss Bakery since I heard that they have cronuts, which they call frissants. For anyone who doesn’t know, a cronut is a cross between a croissant and a donut. Swiss bakery is the only place in Vancouver so far that sell these type of  cronut/frissant. It took a while to come here though as I was told that I had to go early as their frissants usually sell out by noon.


Other then the frissants that they are famous for, they also sell many other treats such as scones,cakes, and cookies. I believe they might sell coffee too.

IMG_20141223_164708 IMG_20141223_164649

They only sell two different flavours of frissants at the same time and these flavours change every month. When i went near the end of December they had Eggnog and Orange chocolate. I believe I arrived at 12:30 on a monday and there were plenty of frissants left. Perhaps the hype has died down alot. I also noticed that there was oddly ALOT of the eggnog one left, and I wondered why. I decided to get one of each. These Frissants are not cheap though, they were $4 each so I was hesitant to get more….which was a bad choice.

Orange Chocolate Frissant

At first glance, It didn’t really look too great or anything, It really just looked like a oily donut and I wasn’t actually expecting much. But oh how wrong I was. I fell in love during my first bite. The frissant was extremely flaky and moist like a croissant but since it was fried like a donut, it was also crunchy at the same time. The pastry was also very lightly coated with sugar. Oh my gosh the orange chocolate filling in the center was to die for! It was creamy and flavourful but not too overpowerful. It tasted really similar to Terry’s Orange Chocolate and it wasnt too sweet or anything, it was just right. the drizzle and shaved chocolate on the top really enhance the frissant. I thought it would be too oily, but it really wasnt.

Eggnog Frissant

The pastry itself was similar to the one of the orange Chocolate, It was fantastic.  It was again super flaky, crunchy and moist. The eggnog cream though was not my favourite, I much prefer the orange chocolate one that I had before. The consistency itself was nice and creamy however the eggnog flavour was just too strong for me. I didn’t hate it though, I just preferred the other frissant more. I also guess this is why there were soo many eggnog ones left compared to the orange chocolate one.


Overall Rating: 8.5/10
These frissant were really good and I really recommend this place to people. Its a really unique concept and I really want to come back another month to try other flavours or maybe perhaps the other items that they have.

Extra Notes:

  • This Bakery seems to be quite packed and service was a little bit slow
  • There is limited space to sit and eat
  • Lots of other pastries

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