Miura Waffle Milk Bar


 I have always longed to go to Miura Waffle Milk Bar Since it was on the show “you gotta eat here” and after reading the reviews on this place I dragged my friend here after finding a coupon that was a buy one get one 50% off deal.


The restaurant is located on main street, and we had to skytrain to main street science world station and then bus to get there. They have a board outside that shows the daily specials. For some reason I thought there was going to be alot of people but during the time we were there, there were only about 2-3 people? The place was a little bit small but very neat and clean.


The is their menu. I like how it was really simple to read and easy to order from. You go up to the cash register first to order and pay, and then sit down, they will then bring the food to you which was interesting. There was only two people working at the time, and the girl who helped us was very kind. We peaked into the kitchen since it was right behind the cash register and we saw 6 waffle makers, and watched as the guy made our waffle. I believe nothing was pre made and everything was made to order so It took a little longer than expected, but that was fine with us as we knew we were going to get fresh food.

Mango-Passion Yakuruto

The mango flavour was the most prominent but you could also taste some passion fruit. The texture was creamy and smooth due to the yogurt that was in the drink. The consistency of this is more watery compared to a smoothie, but it was packed with flavour. The only complaint I have about this drink though, is that I found it to be a little bit too sweet.  I did enjoy this drink though and would order it again.


This was a teriyaki vanilla waffle. It has teriyaki sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. I knew it was going to be unique already but I thought It would have tasted better as I heard that it was fantastic. The teriyaki sauce didn’t taste like teriyaki sauce at all. It tasted more like a salted caramel with soy sauce? and it had a really thick consistency, similar to molasses. I also thought there was a little bit too much whipped cream and not enough vanilla ice cream. The waffles were nice and crunchy which was good however that didn’t last a long time. everything melted within 5 minutes.


This was a garlic friend chicken waffle. We decided to get this as i really love waffle and chicken together. The waffle was slightly crunchy but fluffy and soft on the inside. The chicken was fantastic, it was very flavourful and moist. The sauce really enhanced the whole dish and the lettuce helped give the whole waffle an extra crunchy texture. Unfortunately though, halfway through eating the waffle the bottom part of the waffle got a little bit soggy. This was inevitable though due to the sauce that would obviously make it soggy after a while. It didn’t really bother us though.


Overall Rating:
Overall It was a interesting experience but I’m not sure if I would take the time to go all the way back there again. I do recommend it though and if i do decided to go again I would get their bulgogi sando, which I believe is their most popular sando. 

Extra Notes:

  • They don’t give out any cutlery as these waffles are suppose to be eaten like a burger, with your hands.
  • I recommend their savory waffles over their sweet waffles as I found them to be unique.
  • They seem to always have U magazine coupons, so check that out.
  • The Sandos are more filling than they look
  • I don’t really recommend taking their waffles to go as they will get quite soggy
  • They also serve alcohol here, which I thought was kind of odd for a waffle place

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