My friends and I decided to go to faubourg (the Kerrisdale location) for afternoon tea one day.  I made reservations a few days in advance as I knew that tea places can be quite busy. I made reservations by email and it took about 24 hours for them to reply and confirm the reservation which was a bit longer then I thought it would take. I made reservations at 1:00 on a Monday and I didn’t really expect it be very busy. when we arrived I was shocked since the whole bakery and bistro was packed!  The only table that was available was the table we had reserved so I really do recommend making reservations before coming here, or coming after 2:00 or 3:00 perhaps as it got quite empty while we were leaving the store.

IMG_20141217_142934 IMG_20141216_004601

This is the exterior of Faubourg. The design makes it stand out in comparison to the other shops around faubourg so it is not hard to find.


This is the bistro area, it is in the back and you have to walk past the bakery section to get here. There is a European painting in the back, a gorgeous chandelier and a huge mirror for some reason. There are not a lot of tables so I do not recommend coming with more than 4 people. It is also a bit loud when it is full of people. This area is for breakfast, brunch and afternoon tea.

Tea Selection

We were given tea samples to smell however we couldn’t really smell anything so I think it was a little bit useless. We ended up picking our tea according to the description written instead.  I chose the Marco Polo. while one of my friend picked the L’opera and the other friend chose the Rouge Bourbon.


 I actually enjoyed all three teas surprisingly. The marco polo was a fruity black tea, the L’opera was a fruity green tea and the rouge bourbon was a vanilla red tea. All of them were was flavourful and were not watery.


We were given cream and sugar for our tea, however we hardly used any of the cream as the tea didn’t really need any.

Two Tier Pink Afternoon Tea Set for oneIMG_20141216_002711

This was my afternoon tea set. We all got the pink afternoon tea set which was 28.55( with tax) which is a decent price for high tea. You get to pick 4 sweet items and 4 savory items and it also comes with a scone and souffle. At first glance it looks like it would not be enough to fill one up, however by the end my friends and I were extremely full and stuffed. I do also have to warn you that the pictures make the foods look bigger then they actually seem. All foods were very small.

Savory Tier

Verrine (Beef Bourguignon)

beef bourguignon with a few bits of carrots. I found this to be a little bit dry however it did have a decent amount of flavour. I wish it was served warm or hot as this dish was completely cold which made it taste a little bit odd.

Smoked Salmon Croissant

I enjoyed this. The croissant was not oily at all and was crispy and flaky, just like how a croissant should be. The salmon wasn’t too fishy and the cucumber add a nice fresh taste to the dish. I would say that I enjoyed this more than the other savory items.

Chicken Sandwich

This dish consisted of chicken, celery, and green grapes in a focaccia bun. A very simple dish however not lacking in flavour and not dry. i did enjoy this but of course it was really nothing special.

Canape (Prosciutto and goat cheese)

I unfortunately did not enjoy this very much. This was pretty much just prosciutto wrapped around a big block of goat cheese on top of bread. I believe there was an overwhelming amount of goat cheese, it was just way too much. One of my friend however, did say she liked it though, so perhaps if you really like goat cheese you might enjoy this more than I did.


I believe this was some sort of almond scone. I’m usually not a big fan of scones however i thought this scone was quite delightful. It was moist and the almonds added a nice crunchy texture to the scone. The scone was served with jam but I also asked for cream. They unfortunately do not have the usual clotted cream anymore so the server gave us a type of whipped cream instead which was very delicious. I believe it was a vanilla bean whipped cream? it was fluffy and smooth and tasted fantastic with the scone.

Sweet Tier

Lemon Tart

Oh my goodness, i loved this tart so much! This is Faubourg’s best seller and I really recommend this lemon tart to everyone, it was delicious. This tart consisted of lemon curd,vanilla milk foam and pearl sugar on the top. The lemon curd was tangy but not overly sour, the milk foam did a great job of contrasting the tangyness of the lemon curd with its fluffly and creamy texture. The pearl sugar added a nice crunchy texture and the tart was buttery and flaky. This was my most favorite item from this afternoon tea set.

Fruit Pavlova

This is something I also really enjoyed! The fruits on the top were nice and juicy. The custard was sweet but not too sweet, and was nice and smooth. the meringue part was crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. i would rate this as my second favorite sweets from this set, and thanks to this I now have a pavlova obsession.

Opera (Cafe)

A chocolate cafe cake with crunchy white chocolate pearls on the top. At first from the outside It looked as thought it was going to be dry but this was not it at all. I found it to be quite moist and had a good amount of coffee and chocolate. The only problem is that I found it to be a bit overly sweet.

Vanilla Pomegranate Panna Cotta

The inside is the pomegranate panna cotta with whipped cream on top while the outside is a white chocolate shell. i found the panna cotta to be slightly watery however the red pomegranate part was quite flavourful. I also found the white chocolate shell to either have a bit of a fake chocolate taste or a very stale and old chocolate taste. Perhaps my least favorite sweet out of the bunch.

Passion fruit Souffle

The souffle takes 10 minutes to make and it is meant to be eaten hot so you have to tell them when you want your souffle to be baked. After my very first bite i thought it was lemon due to the sourness however after taking a few more bites I realized that it was passion fruit. The souffle was good though I could only take very small bits at a time since it was a bit too sour. I do enjoy sour things though and it was also sweet at the same time due to the powdered sugar on top which was very nice.

Afternoon Tea Menu
1418713538153 1418713539854

Bistro Menu

Bakery photos
IMG_20141216_233157 IMG_20141216_233219 IMG_20141216_233237 IMG_20141216_233254


Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Overall I did enjoy my time here and maybe I might come back one day. I enjoyed most of the food and the tea here. I personally prefer cuter looking afternoon tea places but this would be a nice place to take your significant other or perhaps a guy friend as they would be happy that nothing is girly. 

Extra Notes:

  • I wished they would have given us two separate plates for savory and sweets
  • there was only one server at the bistro so don’t come here during peak time if you want quick high tea
  • Our server was very friendly and helpful though
  • I really recommend going out to the bakery after and getting the regular sized lemon tart to bring home or you might regret it like I did
  • visit their website for more info
  • Faubourg has three locations in vancouver
  • Only this location and the park royal location has afternoon tea, the downtown location does not

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