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The house of tofu soup is a place I frequent quite often especially during the cold fall months. I have tried quite a few tofu soups around Vancouver but I have to say that house of tofu soup has one of the best tofu soup in this city. One cold windy fall day my friend and I decided to visit this restaurant again for the 100th time. The house of tofu soup is located in Burquitlam, which is know as the “k-town” of Vancouver. It is right across from the Korean grocery store, H-Mart. From the outside the restaurant looks quite small and run down however, The inside of the restaurant is pretty big and nice.


Tea- it was the very first thing that they gave us. I found it a little strange that they put on in this type of cup. I believe it was some type of rice tea, it is the same one you get at every Korean restaurant.

The next items that came were side dishes called Banchan

Banchans are usually always given to you at Korean restaurants


Kimchi – This is something you get as a side dish at every Korean restaurant. I really like this kimchi, it does not taste the same as the ones you buy at the grocery store. Instead of the kimchi being sour, it was more of a fresh and well seasoned kimchi packed with tons of flavour. Of course it was quite spicy too so I could only eat a little at a time.


Seaweed – This is actually my favorite side dish served here and we usually have to get refills on this every time we come. This dish just taste so fresh and the texture is interesting. I believe that there is some type of vinegar in it which makes it very slightly sour. It’s a slightly slimy texture which I believe some people might not like however I happen to like it.


Pickled Vegetables – I believe the veggies were radish,celery and onions and they all pretty much taste the same. The all had the same crunchy texture and the pickle juice was really overwhelming. This is my least favourite side dish, I’m not a big fan of this sadly and I’m not really sure why. Perhaps it was the yellow pickle juice that I did not like, but I’m sure other people would enjoy this dish.


Mashed potatoes – This is something you don’t normally get at other Korean restaurants so I thought it was quite odd that they give us this. I believe it is usually some type of stewed potatoes that they usually give out at other places. I did actually enjoyed it though and ate most of it. I think I like this dish because it helped cool down from the burning hot spicy tofu soup. The only thing i noticed is that sometimes it taste as though the butter was not blended into the potatoes well enough.


Rice – It’s beatiful hot steaming fluffy rice that was cooked from a stone pot. how wonderful is that.


Egg -These are not boiled eggs! These are raw eggs that you put into your tofu soup when it arrives. The tofu soup is boiling hot when it arrives so it cooks the egg, don’t worry! Personally I like to mix it into the soup very well as I believe it enhances the soup and thickens the consistency of it, however I do believe that some people like to crack it in and not stir it so it stays together as a poached egg.


Dumpling Tofu Soup – You get a choice of white,mild, regular, hot, extra hot. I suggest getting hot, as the more spicy it is the more flavours there is. Hot is what I also always get. I find that the white and mild one too bland and I’m unfortunately not brave enough to go for the extra hot one, so hot is perfect for me.
Oh my gosh this is some really good tofu soup. It consist of Tofu, dumplings, egg, and I believe a few veggies? This tofu soup is packed with flavour and is just really tasty. The tofu is soft, smooth and kind of melts in your mouth. The dumplings adds a new flavour to the dish and they are a nice for a contrast in texture. The dumpling are a bit soggy and tend fall apart however I don’t really have a problem with that, I just mix it in with the soup for even more flavour.


Warning – DO NOT touch the actual bowl, it is piping hot and it will hurt burn you. Instead if you want to move your soup around you can move it by the black tray part near the bottom. The black tray is there so that you don’t burn yourself and sue them, so use it.


Beef Bulgogi- We got it as a combo with the tofu soup. When you get the combo it is $15.99 together and you get a choice of either chicken,pork or beef. I do really enjoy this dish. The beef is nice and tender and the sauce is very flavourful. Underneath are onions which I enjoy eating with the meat for a contrast in flavours and texture. The onion added a nice little crunch to it which enhances the dish.

IMG_20141127_213921Sauce – We were given sauce for the bulgogi which was a little bit confusing as it tasted like there was already sauce on the meat, but I guess it was just the beef marinade. The sauce was sweet and flavourful. I believe only a little bit of the sauce was required as the beef was full of flavour already, however I guess the onions needed some type of sauce, and this sauce and onions taste pretty good together.


After the server scoops rice into your bowl they pour hot water into the stone bowl. You are suppose to scoop it out and eat it after your meal to cleanse yourself from the overwhelming flavours. I’n not a big fan of this, but its not horrible or anything. It really just taste like mushy rice in water. Though since you mix the water into the burnt rice, the water turns like a brownish colour and taste faintly like rice tea.

20141114_115337 20141114_115342
20141114_115348 20141114_115351


Overall Rating:
Yes this place is one of my favourite restaurant and I frequent it quite often. I really recommend this place to everyone, its really amazing. Since I discovered this restaurant I can’t enjoy tofu soup at other restaurants anymore sadly as I always end up comparing it to the tofu soup at the house of tofu soup and complain how its so much better.

Extra Notes:

  • they are pretty understaffed so I suggest going when it is not busy, like a weekday and like when people don’t usually eat.
  • The servers have pretty bad english but they understand enough to get your order through. I recommend taking your finger and pointing at the pictures while you speak as she did not understand me when I didn’t. Though perhaps I speak too fast?
  • Parking here is pretty bad
  • really good affordable price
  • They also have many other dishes however I have never tried them
  • there is also another location in Richmond

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