The Urban Tea Merchant


My friend and I wanted to do something a little bit special on Christmas eve so we decided to go to The Urban Tea Merchant. As a afternoon tea addict I have been wanting to go here for a while however, due to the high price it took a while to finally come here. I made reservations at 1:00 on Christmas eve and I do recommend you to also make reservations if you plan on coming here. We were seated On the first floor near the tea selections. I was pretty confused because I thought it was going to be a restaurant like place. I did learn after that the actual tea salon was on the second floor though. I wish we were seated there instead as there were people constantly coming in and out of the shop to buy tea on Christmas eve but I guess it wasn’t that bothersome. Urban tea merchant is located in downtown, a 10 minute walk from pacific center mall.

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My friends and I decided to go to faubourg (the Kerrisdale location) for afternoon tea one day.  I made reservations a few days in advance as I knew that tea places can be quite busy. I made reservations by email and it took about 24 hours for them to reply and confirm the reservation which was a bit longer then I thought it would take. I made reservations at 1:00 on a Monday and I didn’t really expect it be very busy. when we arrived I was shocked since the whole bakery and bistro was packed!  The only table that was available was the table we had reserved so I really do recommend making reservations before coming here, or coming after 2:00 or 3:00 perhaps as it got quite empty while we were leaving the store.

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House of Tofu soup


The house of tofu soup is a place I frequent quite often especially during the cold fall months. I have tried quite a few tofu soups around Vancouver but I have to say that house of tofu soup has one of the best tofu soup in this city. One cold windy fall day my friend and I decided to visit this restaurant again for the 100th time. The house of tofu soup is located in Burquitlam, which is know as the “k-town” of Vancouver. It is right across from the Korean grocery store, H-Mart. From the outside the restaurant looks quite small and run down however, The inside of the restaurant is pretty big and nice.

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