Minami Restaurant

I came here with one of my other friends as I enjoyed Miku and I was curious as how the sister restaurant fared compared to the original. Minami is located really close to the yaletown skytrain station so finding this restaurant was not hard at all. Making reservations at 6:00 on a Thursday was really unnecessary as it was empty. Walking in, we were greeted by a very nice young lady and was taken to our table. Our server came over and asked us if she could start us out with a drink and then left….for a really long time. She probably didn’t return for a good 15 minutes? It was really confusing as there were hardly any people in the restaurant at the time. Trying to flag her down was like trying to flag down a server at a dim sum restaurant. This is no dim sum restaurant though, I thought this was kind of a fine dining restaurant um?.. When the server came she was extremely kind though so I guess that was alright.

Oshi Sushi


I’ve had the Salmon Oshi Sushi and the Ebi Oshi Sushi at Miku before already. Check out my review on them on my Miku review as I go into detail there.
It was quite good and similar to miku, but not exactly the same as I found the quality to be slightly lacking. I was pretty shocked as I thought the sister restaurant of Miku, it would taste exactly the same. It kept on falling apart which a little annoying, and it seemed like there wasn’t as much flavour…but perhaps the sushi chef just wasn’t feeling good that night? I did still enjoy these very much though.  Also again, this friend also preferred the Ebi Oshi sushi compared to the rest.

Saba Oshi Sushi

I decided to try the saba oshi sushi since I really enjoyed the Salmon and Ebi Oshi Sushi.  It was house cured mackerel with miso sauce. The miso sauce complimented the fish very well, however I found that it was slightly lacking in flavour and a bit too fishy? It was good and I enjoyed it, however it’s really not worth the price at all. I actually regret getting this Oshi Sushi, it was really not anything special. I wish I would have gotten something else.

Soy Sauce

The same soy sauces from Miku, check out my Miku review for opinions on the soy sauces. The light soy sauce is recommend.
I know that the oshi sushi already contained a lot of flavour however, I still wanted soy sauce because I like it that way. The server kept on saying that it was better without soy sauce and the tone of his voice kind of made it sound like he thought I was odd for asking for soy sauce which I did not like at all. Its really hard for servers to annoy me but he certainly did. However I could have just been grumpy at the time I’m not sure. I know I’m not suppose to eat it with soy sauce however I pay for my own sushi and I will eat it the way I want to and no one can stop me. It’s not like I’m going to drench my sushi in sauce, just little tiny dabs. I feel like it just enhances the flavours, and plus the saba one really needed soy sauce as it lacked flavour.

Aburi Rib Eyed Steak And Wild Roasted Mushrooms

This was good, It was cooked medium rare and was extremely soft and tender. It was packed with flavour and seasoned very well.  It comes with a bowl filled with potatoes, a lot of potatoes, mushroom, asparagus, onions. Nothing much to say about the veggies, they are just roasted veggies with no seasoning I believe. I don’t really understand why it says “and wild roasted mushrooms” though. It was mostly potatoes, not that many mushrooms. This dish is pretty pricey for the amount that you get so I wouldn’t get it again. I did enjoy the dish but I’m sure I could get the same dish somewhere else for cheaper.  I also do have to warn you to not accidentally eat a shallot though as they are small and in the lighting it was kind of hard to tell what they were. So do not accidentally take a huge bite of it unless you like to have a huge chuck of shallot in your mouth.



Overall Rating: 9/10
Yes I did enjoy my time here, however It was slightly disappointing. I would probably not come back to this location, I would rather go back to Miku. The ambiance and service at miku is way better. I actually also found the food at miku to be a tiny bit better. I really recommend going to Miku instead of coming here. In total with tax and tips out bill come up too $100, and I do not believe it to be worth the price considering the service and quality. 

Extra Notes:

  • Service is not very good here, it wasn’t horrible but I expected much better service considering the amount of money one usually spends here.
  • There is no point in going here if you could go to Miku, I enjoyed Miku very much.
  • They have mint chocolates at the front desk

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