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I dragged my friend here with me due to the hype on urbanspoon and other food blogs. Miku is located near Canada Place and the harbor. It is also very close to waterfront station, however somehow my friend and I got a little bit lost somehow. I guess we are just really bad with directions because its only a few feet away from the skytrain when you get out. Upon arrival we were greeted by a professional looking hostess. We were very intrigued by the beautiful decor, with most of the restaurant walls being glass windows for a beautiful view of the outside. I made reservations a few days in advance just in case, as it was a Saturday and it was noted that it can get quite busy at times. However, I realized when we were being seated that it wasn’t actually that busy…perhaps it was because it was only 12:30.

IMG_20141109_124315 IMG_20141109_173404

On the outside of the restaurant, they had a patio where you can sit and eat. I believed this was not opened because it’s freezing cold now, but during the summer season it would be a wonderful idea! I heard that it is a very popular area during the summer and that it has an outdoor heater and blankets in case you get cold. I plan on coming back on a beautiful sunny summer day to sit on that beautiful patio.

IMG_20141109_173317 IMG_20141109_131653

 I requested for a window seat and they were kind enough to fulfill that request which made me very happy. The interior and decor were extremely gorgeous and so is the lighting of the restaurant. When I looked out the window I saw the beautiful harbor which was unfortunately filled with seagulls and clouds that day.

Miso soupIMG_20141109_130011
This miso soup came with the aburi chirashi tart since it was under the sushi lunch label. Anything under the sushi lunch label came with miso soup. The server asked us if we wanted to add on another bowl, however we declined as one was enough for the two of us and also because of the steep price of $3 per miso soup.


The miso soup consisted of the usual seaweed and tofu however this miso soup also had two mussels. The soup was tasty, flavourful, and not salty or bland, however is wasn’t  anything amazing or special. My friend’s mussel seemed to be fine but I believe mine had a little bit of sand in it :/

Aburi Salmon Oshi & Aburi Ebi Oshi Sushi

These two Oishi sushi arrived on a beautiful plate which was probably inspired by a wooden raft,  I believed it was ceramic and really heavy. I give props to the girl who carried this in one hand, my friend and I had a hard time even move it around on the table. The top is the Ebi Oshi sushi and the bottom row is the Salmon. I believe that the salmon oshi sushi is the most popular, however my friend and I believed that the Ebi oshi sushi tasted slightly better.


Left – Salmon Oshi Sushi – consisted of pressed BC wild sockeye salmon, miku sauce and a Jalapeno on the top.
I really enjoyed this. At first I was a little bit frightened by the jalapeno on the top as I’m not very good with extremely spicy foods, however I tried it anyways and it was fantastic with the sushi. Due to the buttery consistency and richness of the salmon and rice, the jalapeno taste was subtle, but added a small kick to it. The rice was nice and soft and didn’t break apart when I held  it up with chopsticks. The salmon was of a melt in your mouth texture, and tasted incredibly fresh. The star of this sushi is probably the miku sauce. My friend and I tried to figure out what was in this special sauce but we had no clue. The sauce is rich, buttery and flavourful. It brought out the wonderful flavours of everything else.

Right – Ebi Oshi Sushi –  consisted of pressed prawns, ume sauce and lime zest on the top.
This was delicious. even though there was only a thin layer of ebi and ume sauce on the top, it was loaded with flavour. The little tiny lime zest on the top really helped bring out the flavours of the ebi,and the ume sauce. It also helped take some of the butteriness away. Just like the salmon oshi, The rice was nice and soft and didn’t break apart. The ume sauce had the same buttery texture as the miku sauce however the flavour was different, though I believe the base of the sauce is probably the same perhaps? The sauce had a little bit more of a distinct flavour to it compared to the miku sauce. You could tell that there was a very subtle hint of a ume flavour to it, but not overpowering. The ebi had a really nice texture and a very slight crunch. Overall I prefer this a little bit more than the salmon oshi due to the wonderful combination of the ume sauce and the lime zest which brought out the flavour of the ebi.

Two Different Types of Soy Sauce

There is no soy sauce on the table, instead you have to ask them for it. This is probably because the sushi is really flavorful and is supposed to be consumed without soy sauce, but I like soy sauce so whatever..The soy sauce comes in this really cute plate, the left side is a more light and sweeter soy sauce and the right side is the normal soy sauce. Due to the fact that the oshi sushi already had so much flavour, I much preferred the lighter sweeter soy sauce. The normal soy sauce with the sushi makes it a little bit too salty for my liking as I believe it overpowered the flavours of the sushi. The lighter and sweeter one was perfect for me as it was light and helped enhance the flavours of the sushi.

Aburi Chirashi Tart

This consisted of (from bottom to top): Unagi sauce,rice,spicy tuna,avocado,salmon,miku sauce,scallops,ikura, and ebi.
This was delightful. There were many different components to this dish, however they all complimented each other very well. I thought that this would be hard to eat and share  however when I got a small piece  for myself with my chopsticks, and moved it on to my own plate, it did not fall apart, so it was not that messy to eat. The unagi sauce really enhanced the flavours of everything else. the top part of this dish, the salmon and miku sauce is exactly the same as the salmon oshi sushi which was fantastic as it was very delicious. I do wish it had a little bit more salmon and miku sauce on top of it. Also, perhaps a little bit more ikura and less spicy tuna would have been better too.

Green Tea Opera Cake

I thought this was scrumptious! It tasted similar to a ferrocher, but with green tea. It came with a few fruits, green tea ice cream, and little dabs of raspberry and mango sauce on the plate. There ware many different layers in the cake, but I have no idea what was what. The combination of green tea and chocolate together was amazing, it was not too sweet which was very good. The cake’s texture and the consistency was also amazing. Some layers of the cake was smooth, some was creamy and one layer had a nice crunch to it. The green tea ice cream was also very good, it had crunchy bits in it which was a surprise. The mango and raspberry sauce had alot of flavour and I believe that they were made from real fruit as it did not taste artificial at all. The fruits were very sweet and fresh. Eating the cake by itself  was delicious but eating it with the sauces,ice cream and fruit makes it even better. It made every bite tasted slightly different and enhanced the flavours of the cake. The only complaint I have about this cake is that it is way too small considering the price.

IMG_20141109_173517 IMG_20141109_173458
IMG_20141109_173434 IMG_20141109_145230

They also had a separate menu for drinks however, My friend and I did not read it as we only wanted water.


Overall Rating:
I really enjoyed my time here, and I really recommend this to everyone who likes sushi. I recommend anything that is aburi styled. I really don’t have any complaints about the food or the service. It is probably one of my favorite restaurants I have been to so far. I will be back for sure, however only once in a while and not very often due to the price.

Extra Notes:

  • servers are quite friendly,professional and helpful
  • I recommend making reservations and requesting a window seat
  • reservations can be done online on opentable, it is a quick and simple process
  • a little bit over priced
  • The Aburi Chirashi Tart is unfortunately currently only available during the lunch time

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