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I went to Chez Meme Baguette Bistro with my Mother after being here once a few months ago with my friend. I remember really liking one of the baguettes and thought my Mother would really enjoy it too. It took months to come back here again due to the very inconvenient hours.  I also knew that I had to come extremely early as going later would mean there would be a line up. It took a while to be able to come here again but it is so worth it!


Chez Meme Baguette Bistro is located on Hastings street in the heights. This restaurant is only opened from 8:00Am-3:00PM from Monday-Friday and every 2nd Saturday of the month. As I was walking in, I was greeted by this very kind lady who was probably the owner. My mother and I came at 11:00 so luckily there was no line up yet. Though by 11:30, there were a bunch of people walking in, but were given the news that they had to leave and come back in 30 minutes, as they is no waiting spot inside the small restaurant. The restaurant probably only has around 8 tables. There was pretty much only one main server which was the lady and service is pretty slow as it took a while to even get the menu, however this really isn’t a problem. I could see that the lady was working very hard to please everyone and cared for her customers. When the restaurant got extremely busy a kitchen worker had to come out and help her.

20141113_112257 20141113_112348

My mother and I decided to share a latte. This latte is huge! instead of a cup of latte, it was pretty much a bowl of latte! I will probably always order this when I come here, its a huge portion at a really good price. I really enjoyed this latte. I usually drown my coffee in sugar, however this didn’t need any sweeteners at all even though it didn’t have any added sweeteners. The latte was extremely rich and the top foam was extremely creamy. I believe the cream foam was the star of the latte. It was slightly sweet and blended in well with the coffee. I believe that this is why the latte didn’t need sugar.

Soup of the day

You get a choice of either the soup of the day, french fries, or a salad with your baguette. I decided to get the soup of the day since it was freezing cold outside and I thought that the soup would warm me up a little bit. I’m actually not 100% sure whats in this soup, The lady spoke way too fast for me to understand what she was saying. I believe she said there was mushroom, celery, and truffle oil though. I thought that it was going to be more like a cream of mushroom soup however, It was completely different. It seems like all the ingredients were taken and blended together, which made it very hard to distinguish what exactly was in the soup. The first few bites were really good however as I ate more of it, and reached the last half I found that it started to be a bit salty for my liking. All in all This soup was alright, not the best but not bad. It is perfect to warm yourself up though. I recommend upgrading to their french onion soup though, it is a extra $3, but I think it is worth it. I had the french onion soup the last time I came and I remember that being absolutely scrumptious!

20141113_113339 20141113_113321
braised lamb shanks, sweet roasted garlic jam with dijon

Do you see the lamb oozing with juice? This is fantastic. I got the jarret the last time I came and even though I really wanted to try another dish, I couldn’t bring myself to do that since I remember loving this dish so much. It was love at first bite. When I bit down, the juice from the lamb oozed everywhere and I was hit by a bust of flavour. The dijon and garlic jam really helped enhance the flavours of the lamb. The lamb was juicy, tender, soft and just really wonderful. I believe the lamb was soaked in a type of sauce to make it a little bit sweet, however I’m not sure what it is. I never knew something that looked so plain could be packed with so much flavour. The bread was also fantastic, it was nice, crispy, but really soft.

20141113_111436 20141113_111421

They are popular due to their fabulous baguettes however if you are not a baguette person, they do have a few other options. I have never tried anything else so I have no opinions, however they seem to also be quite Delicious.


Overall Rating:
I really like this place and recommend this place. I will for sure be going back here, however unfortunately not very often due to the opening hours and also the fact the I have to go really early to be able to get a table. Even though the process of having to get up earlier and having to trek to hasting seems tiring, I do think it’s worth it as their baguettes are fantastic and I believe that they are worth the price.

Extra Notes: 

  • I REALLY recommend coming here early in the morning
  • I believe you can make reservations
  • slow service, but good service
  • Many people also do take out

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