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 I really wanted to go to L’Opera Patisserie after seeing a few blog posts and pictures on instagram. I made reservations and dragged one of my friend here one day. Reservations are required and high tea is from 1-5pm Wednesday-Sunday. High tea is pretty pricey, it was 45$ per person and that’s not including tax and tips. I believe the usual price for high tea is around 30$. L’Opera Patisserie is in Richmond and is about a 5 minute walk from Richmond centre.

IMG_20141107_143210 20141107131048985

The interior and decor is very pretty. The walls are a gorgeous red and gold colour, similar to what you would expect french royalty in the past to have. There are also pretty chandeliers and classical music playing. Unfortunately the chairs and tables are a bit plain and boring, I wish they would have picked something that matched the gorgeous walls and theme. The front window looks very similar to the one of Patisserie Fur Elise, there is a mini mannequin with a cute pink dress, fake macarons and jewelry.

20141107131509011 20141107131513077

This is the front counter display filled with cakes and macarons to buy. The macarons were 2$ each and were very very small, and the cakes were around 6-7$ each. I have no judgement for the cakes as I did not buy any, however I did try one macaron from the tea set and I believe it is one of the best macarons I have ever tasted before. I do wish to come back for just cakes and macarons next time as the cakes look really cute!

Tea Menu

We were given this tea menu to start. All the tea names are named after an opera or a play which I found very creative and cute! My friend got the Othello while I got the Don Giovanni. The Othello is said to be a ” bold fragrant blood orange and deep dark cacao which mellows out into a sweet vanilla” while the Don Giovanni is a “bold sensuous dark chocolate with lots of cacao”.


I found the Don giovanni to not be that great. It tasted more like a black tea that had some hot chocolate powder mixed into it, and it lacked flavour. The dark chocolate taste was very faint, even with cream and sugar it still didn’t taste very good. Perhaps it could be that I Am picky with my teas these day being a new tea addict, but this tea disappointed me. I preferred my friend’s Othello over my own tea so I mostly just drank her tea instead. The Othello had a distinctive blood orange taste and scent, however it was still lacking a little in flavour and still had that odd hot chocolate powder taste to it. The server constantly refilled our tea, which was a very nice gesture.

Mini French Onion Soup

To start off, we were given a small cup of french onion soup. It consisted of onions (obviously) and cheese. On top, is a cheese toast. I found the soup to be Delicious! It was packed with flavour and was not too salty or bland.  The only problem I had was with the toast, it was really tough and chewy, I had to soak it in the soup for a few minutes in till it was edible. This soup was probably one of my favorite items from this high tea set though.

Three tier high tea set for two

They unfortunately didn’t have a list of items that was on this plate, the server just explained everything to us with words and it was hard to know what was what. luckily my friend and I don’t have any allergies or dietary restrictions so this didn’t really matter to us, however for people that do, It is not very safe.

Bottom Tier

Prosciutto and Brie crostini – This was kind of salty and the bread was the same kind that was on the french onion soup. It was really hard to bit and chew. It was alright though.
Salmon Quiche – This was also alright, it was actually kind of hard to tell what type of fish was in it though for some reason. It was not dry or anything but perhaps a little tiny bit salty.
Mushroom puff – I enjoyed this, It kind of tasted like mushroom soup in a puff pastry shell. The shell’s texture was very good, it was nice and flaky.
shrimp puff – This was also good, but pretty similar to the mushroom one except it was kind of like a shrimp salad with chive cream on top of the puff pastry.
Cheese scone – not a fan, it was pretty dry and boring. It was also way too big, I didn’t end up eating all of it.

Seared scallop with microgreens

A very unique and interesting item to be on a high tea set. The scallop was pretty good and so were the greens. I believe there was some type of balsamic vinegar on the greens too which was very nice. Perhaps one of my favorite item on the savory tier.

Middle Tier

ginger creme brulee – the texture was nice, crisped on the top and creamy at the bottom. The ginger was very distinct but I wish it was more subtle as I am not a big ginger fan at all. I was really hoping that it would just be a normal creme brulee.
Mini Mont Blanc – the rum was unfortunately way too overpowering but it had a very nice texture. The tart part had a nice crunch while the cream part was nice and smooth. The little dark chocolate plate on top of it was very cute.
cream puff – I believe it was a chocolate shell puff with normal cream inside. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special. The raspberry on top enhanced the cream puff though, it was nice and sweet.

Top Tier

Strawberry Eclair – This was simple, but quite good actually. The texture was great, it was nice and fluffy. The strawberries tasted really fresh and sweet too.
Mini yellow cake? – pretty boring and plain, there wasn’t a lot of flavour in this.The taste was similar to a muffin, but the texture was tad dense and dry. I believe the blueberry really saved this item. The blueberry was a bust of flavour compared to the rest of it. Perhaps it would have taste better with more fruit on the top?

Blueberry Fantasy Macaron

We got to go up to the counter and pick out one macaron each. I got the blueberry fantasy one and my friend got the orange chocolate. This is probably my favorite item that was in the high tea set. This macaron had a whole real blueberry in it which is quite rare here in Vancouver. I believe alot of other places have real fruit in their macarons but I had yet to see one in Vancouver till I visited I’opera. It was just so flavourful and delicious! My friend also really enjoyed her chocolate orange macaron. I would come back here for the macarons but the size is just way too small for the price, it was probably a little bit smaller than a loonie.

Complimentary nougat

They sold this for $1.25 but this was given to us as we received our receipt. I believe it had way too many nuts in it, compared to the other part. It was a little bit too hard, and I wish it was more soft and chewy, but it was alright.


This is the hallway to the washroom, I thinks its really pretty! Though my friend thought it was a little bit creepy.


Overall Rating:
Meh, it was not bad, but not the best. I believe it was a good experience, and the ambiance was nice, however I will not be coming back for high tea unless they change the menu. It was nothing special and not worth the price. I might be back just for cake and perhaps a macaron. It was a really unique high tea though, the items were not common high tea items which was really nice.

Extra Notes:

  • service was good, and servers were nice and professional
  • I think I already said this but this was really expensive
  • I still prefer Patisserie Fur Elise
  • I would recommend you to just come here for cake and macarons instead of high tea.
  • not recommended for people with allergies or dietary restrictions as they did not ask us if we had any or tell us what exactly was in the food.
  • They don’t really have a website to tell you whats in the high tea set and how much it is so I had to call them to ask which was a little bit annoying

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2 thoughts on “L’Opera Patisserie

  1. If I remember correctly, they used to charge $25 per person when they first offered their afternoon tea service! It’s a shame that they raised their prices that much.


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