Bubble World

I was craving for some Taiwanese food so my friend and I decided to try out bubble world. This bubble world is the one near crystal mall and was a restaurant. I have been to bubble world quite often, but the one near Lougheed mall which does not serve food, only bubble tea.

Mocha Oreo & Fresh Taro Slush
bubble world

I got the Mocha Oreo slush to share with one of my friend as it is one of my favorite drinks at bubble world. I believe it wasn’t too sweet and had a very good mocha flavour to it, it was delicious. Well then again, you can’t really mess up blended up oreo cookies, ice and mocha can you? My other friend who did not like sweet things got a half sweet fresh taro slush and she enjoyed it very much. I actually don’t believe I tried fresh taro before, only powdered ones. I thought the fresh taro had a similar texture to a watermelon smoothie? Perhaps I am just crazy because my friends had no idea what I was talking about, It was not bad though, but not something I would order for myself.

Salty Peppery Chicken Nuggets with rice

This also came with two small side dishes, one containing corn and celery, and one with carrots, cauliflower, and perhaps some other vegetable. I believe the chicken nuggets were average, taste the same like it would at any other Taiwanese restaurant. however it was pretty tasty, and I didn’t get to eat much of it since one of my friend ate most of it. Also, I believe eating the chicken nuggets and rice by itself with on other dishes or drink would not be a good choice as it could feel a little dry. It was good because My friends and I all shared our dishes and had bubble tea.

 Assorted Stir Fry Pork Intestines with Pork Blood

This is one of my favorite dishes to get at a Taiwanese restaurant, I believe I get this 3/4 times when I’m at one. I know the name of it sounds quite odd, but it is delicious!  I enjoyed the bubble world version of it,  however it was pretty average and there was nothing really special about it that would  make me come to this location just for it, It tastes pretty similar as the ones at other places. I believe their were a decent amount of pork blood and intestines in it and the sauce was pretty good, I could not tell what exactly was in the sauce however there was a distinctive taste of tomato which was delicious with the rice.


Overall Rating: 7/10
I would come back here if i was near Metrotown or Crystal mall. It’s not the best Taiwanese food, however it is in a convenient location and the food is still pretty good.

Extra Notes: 

  • Some people may find their bubble tea a little bit too sweet so half sweet is an option here.
  • Service is decent, servers can speak English
  • It is a pretty clean looking restaurant too
  • good price for the amount of food you get, I can share 1 dish and 1 drink with another friend and we would be full

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