Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery

Oh my gosh I LOVE this place. After seeing people rave about it, and after seeing lots of photos of Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery my friend and I decided to come here. The trek to glenburn was not fun, It consisted of both sky-training, busing and walking so this is not a place I would go to very often. Is it located on hastings street in the heights shopping district. Glenburn is not very hard to find, you need to do some walking but the decor of Glenburn is very distinct and different so it is not too hard to find. Walking in, I noticed that the decor is of an old school soda parlor, something I’ve never been to before as I am not of that generation so I found it very unique and interesting. I also noticed that the seating is very limited, perhaps 5 seats at the bar and 3 small tables accompanying no more than 3 people at each table.

Toonerville Treat

This consisted of: one scoop of maple walnut ice cream, caramel pecan ice cream, and vanilla ice cream. topped off with whipped cream, hot chocolate fudge, wet walnuts, nuts, and malt chocolate balls. With chocolate wafers at the side.

After spending a really long time staring at the menu, we finally decided on which sundae to get thanks to my super picky friend. This was the very first thing I tried here, It is amazing. I usually get sundaes from places such as dairy queen, but dairy queen cannot even be compared to Glenburn Soda. Oh my gosh I don’t know where to start! Every single bite was like heaven!  I’m usually not a big fan of whipped cream however this was different, the whipped cream was fluffy and really complimented the sweet gooey hot fudge. I’m also usually not a big fan of nuts on my foods however It added a really great texture to the creamy ice cream. The malt balls were of course also good however, it couldn’t be eaten together with the ice cream, it was just too much of a mouthful to fit ice cream and the malt ball in our mouths at the same time so we ended up eating it separately, which was fine. My favorite thing to do was put the ice cream and toppings onto the wafer and eat it that way, its absolutely delicious!

 Banoffee split20140807153435803

This consisted of: a banana cut in into half on each side the ice cream was garnished with whipped cream, toffee chips, hot chocolate fudge and butterscotch. The ice cream was suppose to be two scoops of coffee crunch ice cream and one scoop of vanilla ice cream however, I asked for it to all be coffee crunch ice cream as I love coffee ice cream.

Delicious is all I can say, no complaints at all what so ever, except that I wanted more. The coffee crunch ice cream was excellent, it was really rich, creamy and there were bits of crunchy bits in it(don’t remember what) which made it even more fantastic. The flavour of the coffee was very distinct but not overpowering, it was more of a chocolate coffee ice cream. The banana really complimented it (bananas always taste good with ice cream though) as it added a brand new flavour which was different from the sweet coffee and chocolate flavours. The little toffee chips were really fun to eat and added a very subtle salty flavour to the ice cream, which tasted a bit like salted caramel. Also again, the whipped cream was excellent, it counteracts the sweetness of the hot fudge and butterscotch with its fluffy light texture. There were a lot of contrasting flavours and textures in this which may be a bit too much for some, however I believe they worked really well together.


Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Oh my gosh I love this place, the only problem is traveling here, however I believe it is worth it. I really want to come back here and try everything else! their milkshakes are suppose to be really good, and I want to try the other sundaes and ice cream floats too! I really recommend this place to anyone with a sweet tooth or to anyone who loves ice cream!

Extra Notes:

  • not cheap, however not expensive considering the amount that you get
  • opening hours are a little bit limited, check out their website for hours and days
  • Due to the limited seating I recommend you to come here around when it just opens, apparently when it is busy lines start to form and is it impossible to find seats.
  • you can take any drink or treat to go if the line is too long or if you just want to go after you receive your dessert.
  • I believe you can also substitute some items if you do not like it.
  • You pay first then grab a seat. A person will then deliver your treats to you.

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